Apex Legends dev responds to calls for Horizon buffs

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An Apex Legends dev has responded to players asking for a buff to Horizon’s Black Hole Ultimate after a lot of the community have complained that the ability is too easy to escape.

In Season 12 of Apex Legends, there’s a select set of characters that are considered meta picks and these are currently Octane, Wraith, Bloodhound, and Valkyrie. While these are the top-tier Legends right now, that could all change in an instant if Respawn decides to implement a set of buffs and nerfs.

A great example of this was the Horizon, a character who maintained a high pick rate since her release until the devs heavily nerfed her Tactical in Season 9.

Although the Gravitational Manipulator is still strong in the right players’ hands, she’s no longer a priority pick and hasn’t been since.

Now, hoping to aid her in the current meta, the community has been asking Respawn to buff her Ultimate as they think it’s too easy for enemies to escape. Luckily, a dev saw one of these requests on a Reddit thread and decided to respond.

Apex Legends Season 12 HorizonRespawn Entertainment
Horizon has a 4.3% pick rate in Apex Legends.

Apex dev responds to Horizon Ultimate buff requests

On March 6, Apex Legends devs RV-GameplayChris commented on a thread discussing buff concepts for each of the characters in-game.

After moving on to the topic of Horizon, a user decided to ask whether her Ultimate was ever going to receive a buff, as a lot of the community feel it’s too easy for enemies to escape the Black Hole.

In response, RV-GameplayChris expressed that her Ultimate “rides a fine line” as any movement impairing ability can feel extremely frustrating for victims if it’s too strong.

Although they don’t feel it’s “overpowered”, they did say that it can be “devastating” when used effectively.

From this response, we can safely assume that Respawn has no plans to buff Horizon’s Ultimate anytime soon. It’s obvious they feel that if the Black Hole has too much pulling power, it will become overpowered and won’t be fun to play against.

As the Gravitational Manipulator currently has a 4.3% pick rate, she’s sitting as a middle of the pack Legend in terms of popularity.

This is another reason why Respawn will likely leave her abilities alone for the time being, as she’s still being picked by players that main her, but no one is selecting Horizon for her power in the meta.