ImperialHal wants Valkyrie ultimate fix after dying to Apex Legends bug twice

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TSM’s Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen had back-to-back deaths caused by a glitch with Valkyrie’s ultimate during a $10,000 invitational match. The frustrated pro had an idea for a hotfix, which could be helpful while Respawn continues to investigate a solution.

For the casual Apex fan, you’ll probably encounter the Valkyrie a few times in your games. But Apex pros and players who grind matches for 12 or more hours a day have unfortunately gotten accustomed to seeing Valk’s ultimate bug out.

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Essentially, when teammates attach to the Season 9 Legend before takeoff, there’s a chance they can get stuck under the map. With enough clearance, there shouldn’t be a problem but don’t tell that to ImperialHal.

In a $10,000 Esports Arena: Series E Season 3 Pre-Season Invitational match, the TSM pro’s second death caused by the issue happened over fairly level terrain.

After a bit of silent contempt, the 22-year-old had an idea that would let Valkyrie create enough clearance before attaching teammates to prevent them from clipping under the ground.

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“If they just made it so that you popped the ulti, you’re like actually up in the air not f**king just literally standing there, then it’d be fine,” he said. “It’s a simple fix really.”

The pro went on to explain how the fix would basically jetpack Valkyrie a bit off the ground before teammates could join the lift.

While it could expose the Legend before takeoff, ImperialHal is convinced it would be “impossible for you to be [glitched] underground.”

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Currently the issue is still under the ‘Investigating’ tab on Respawn’s Apex Tracker that lists changes or fixes the studio is working on and how far along they are in the process. The card also has it slated for a future client patch.

We’ve seen Legend abilities take an immense amount of work to resolve in the past, Loba’s bracelet bug.

A meaningful fix to Valk’s ult is on the cards, but maybe Respawn could implement a hotfix to the problem in the meantime.

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