ImperialHal labels Apex Legends a “missed opportunity” after ALGS LAN reveal

ImperialHal Apex Legends cheaterRespawn Entertainment/TSM

ImperialHal has called out Apex Legends for being a “missed opportunity” following the release of the ALGS LAN schedule in 2023.

On December 22, the Apex Legends Global Series team revealed that it will host three major LAN tournaments in London during the 2023 season.

These events, made up of Split 1 & 2 Playoffs and the World Championship, appear to represent an effort to keep the competition more centralized than before. Still, the so-called ‘CEO of Apex’ thinks the organizers are making a big mistake.

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ImperialHal claims Apex Legends is one big “missed opportunity”

The TSM icon opened fire on the decision on Twitter shortly after it was announced and he didn’t mince words in expressing his disappointment.

“Another missed opportunity from Apex. The summary of Apex legends existence,” he stated.

His frustration was clearly aimed at the fact that there’s no variety in the competition, especially given Apex’s success in markets like Japan where the fan support has been well-documented.

NRG’s Babynikki chimed in that her “heart hurts” over the decision, a sentiment that Hal echoed as well.

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AlexG of Luminosity defended the decision, proposing that a static location could eliminate many of the Visa issues that plagued last season, but the TSM leader didn’t quite see it that way, “the timing of visas can be fine if the locations are announced way earlier like they did now unless I’m mistaken with the process of Visas.”

The decision has seen a mixed reaction across the entire community and it doesn’t seem like Hal will be flipping his opinion on the matter anytime soon.

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