How to get Apex Legends Mayhem Pack with exclusive Fuse skin

Apex Legends Mayhem pack wideRespawn Entertainment

To celebrate the launch of Fuse in Apex Legends Season 8, you can pick up the new Mayhem Pack, complete with an exclusive Fuse skin, the ‘Ringmaster.’ Here’s how to get the pack on consoles and PC.

Each new season, Respawn will release a starter pack of sorts for the new Legend, which offers a skin and some Apex Coins at a discounted rate.

Last season, you could pick up the Ascension pack, which came with the exclusive Flux Capacity skin for Horizon, the new Season 7 Legend. Now, it’s all about the new Legend, Fuse.

Season 8 follows the tradition with the Mayhem pack. Here’s a rundown of what’s included and how to get it.

Mayhem Pack: Price and Release date

The Mayhem pack is available from Thursday, February 11, and will set you back $4.99. It includes:

  • Fuse “Ringmaster” Skin (Rare)
  • 600 Apex Coins
Apex Legends Mayhem PackRespawn Entertainment
The Mayhem Pack includes this Fuse skin and 600 coins.

How to get Mayhem Pack

The pack is available for players on all platforms, through the digital stores. So, follow these steps depending on your system of choice.

  1. Log onto your system’s digital storefront
  2. Navigate to Apex Legends > add ons, or simply search for Apex Legends Mayhem Pack
  3. Purchase the pack and download it
  4. It will be available in your inventory next time you load up Apex Legends

The pack will be available from 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM GMT on Thursday, February 11.

You can pick up the pack on each online store:

These packs do have a shelf life too – for example, you can no longer purchase the packs from previous seasons. That means that these skins could become rare in the future, as they’ll only be available for this limited time.