HisWattson warns next Apex Legends update could be “a huge step back”

Ryan Lemay
HisWattson Apex Legends

Apex Legends pro HisWattson is excited about the ranked play changes coming in Season 17, but he’s fearful it could also be taking “a huge step back”.

Season 17 of Apex Legends begins on May 9, and Respawn Entertainment didn’t pull any punches with changing up the current state of the game.

They announced the newest legend Ballistic alongside a massive overhaul to the game’s rank system. Highlights include a new matchmaking system, ranking points being replaced by ladder points, and the complete removal of splits. Matchmaking will also build games based on a skill rating rather than the player’s rank.

Ranked points being replaced by ladder points is something HisWattson feels the community isn’t talking about enough, and HisWattson explained why this change deserves more attention.

Hiswattson claims removing the Apex Legends ranked entry fee is a step back

On the Apex Experience podcast with Falloutt, HisWattson explained: “I am excited about the new ranked system, but there are some changes in there that take a step back.”

The Apex Legends pro added: “In what I assume is happening, Masters Plus does not have a scaling entry cost, and if that is the case, that’s a huge step back.”

Rank points replace ladder points in Season 17. Ladder Points will be required to enter a ranked game like Ranked Points. However, the entry fee has been flattened across the board for all ranks.

Before, players were forced to pay a higher entry fee at higher ranks. Removing a high entry fee cost makes it easier for higher-ranked players to keep their rank, even if they don’t necessarily deserve it.

an image of the Monument POI in Apex Legends Season 17
Monument has replaced the ruined city of Fragment in Season 17.

HisWattson believes that there should be a scaling entry cost at the highest level of Apex Legends competitive play, but he isn’t sure about its potential impact on Bronze-Diamond matches.

“When scaling entry cost first came out, that was a great ranked split.”

The Apex Legends pro wants to keep an open mind heading into the new season, admitting that 90% of the patch notes looked good to him.