HisWattson slams Apex Legends devs for catering Ranked towards “casuals”

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Apex Legends pro Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has criticized the devs for catering Ranked towards “casuals” and has asked Respawn to fix it.

Back in Season 13, Respawn introduced the Ranked Reloaded update that completely overhauled the competitive mode.

While these changes were positively received at first, the community quickly identified issues with the new system, especially for those in Diamond, Master, and Predator.

As a result, over the last few seasons, pros and players alike have called on the devs to rework Ranked once again.

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For HisWattson, the current Ranked system caters to “casuals”, so the FURIA pro took to Twitter to ask Respawn to fix it.

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Despite Ranked Reloaded back in Season 13, the community is desperate for Respawn to implement more changes to the competitive mode.

HisWattson calls on Respawn to “fix” Apex Legends Ranked

On January 16, HisWattson took to Twitter and posted his problem with Ranked, saying the mode is supposed “to be a competitive game mode and not catered towards casuals”.

Despite this, he feels as if Respawn are heading in the other direction and are not creating an environment where players can showcase their skills.

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To him, Ranked in Season 15 doesn’t feel like a competitive mode where he’s being challenged. Instead, the FURIA pro cannot tell the difference between Ranked and pubs in its current state.

DarkZero’s Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore also chimed into the conversation, revealing that they “gave feedback directly to the dev team for 1+ year” and instead of listening, they “made the exact opposite changes”.

Clearly losing patience with the competitive mode, Wattson jokingly responded that “apex gets closer and closer to Mario Party every patch”.

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Although matchmaking changes are finally being implemented, there’s no sign that another Ranked overhaul is on the cards anytime soon.

Of course, with Season 16 on the horizon, there’s a chance Apex’s competitive mode receives some attention, but with no word from the devs, it seems unlikely.

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