Has Crypto’s drone been given secret buff in Apex Legends Season 4?

Crypto and his drone in Apex Legends Season 4Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment usually reveal all Apex Legends changes with patch notes ahead of each major update, although some players think a Crypto buff has been released under the radar. 

The last time we saw patch notes from the developers was the beginning of Season 4 on February 4, where they added a brand new legend, Revenant, but there was no mention of any current characters being tweaked in-game.

However, some members of the game’s online community think they have found enough evidence to suggest one of Crypto’s abilities has actually been handed a boost.

Respawn Entertainment
Crypto’s surveillance drone can be really useful for finding out where enemies are in Apex Legends.

For those who don’t main the character, Crypto’s normal ability is a flying drone that can be used to spot nearby enemies, pick up banners, hack doors and supply bins, among other things – making it one of the most useful in the battle royale game.

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While that all sounds great, the ability it possesses can soon come to an end if players shoot down the drone, although some fans think this has been made increasingly more difficult to do of late, suggesting a health increase has secretly been implemented.

One Reddit user, Piter_neo_PL, posted footage of themselves shooting at the ‘eye in the sky’ and despite recording many hitmarkers on the flying surveillance machine using an R-99 submachine gun, it was still able to escape. This prompted the following caption: “Crypto drone buff? 100+ hp,” suggesting it had been given more health.

Based on one clip, it’s quite difficult to tell if this is either a secret change that’s been added to the game to prevent so many drones from being shot down, or whether this is some sort of hitmarker bug.

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One fan in the thread claimed to have spotted the same issue, too, stating: “I too have noticed this lately, it takes way too many shots to take his drone out now for some reason.”

Some Redditors suggested in the thread that there’s a possibility that hitmarkers were appearing but bullets weren’t landing, while others suggested the use of a stronger weapon moving forward, such as the Flatline or Sentinel.