Handy Apex Legends Rampage trick cancels Thermite charge movement nerf

apex legends thermiteRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players found a way to eliminate the movement nerf while using a Thermite grenade to charge a Rampage that anyone can perform.

Similar to the Sentinel with Shield Cells, players can apply a ‘Revved Up’ buff to the Rampage LMG that boosts its fire rate and boost its damage against doors. The trade off, however, comes in the four-second charge time that heavily limits someone’s movement lest it gets canceled.

Players have discovered a workaround to this movement nerf that goes one step further by letting people run while inserting a Thermite into the gun.

This essentially resolves the greatest downside of revving up the LMG while negating the most frustrating issue about the in-game mechanic.

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apex legends rampageRespawn Entertainment
The Rampage LGM can be buffed by expending a Thermite Grenade charge.

Cancel Rampage Thermite animation

To quickly pop a Thermite into a Rampage while moving, all you have to do is run into a slide-jump just before inserting the grenade.

Not only will this push you through the loading animation but it will also keep your character actively running to close the gap with nearby opponents.

“It’s really useful because whenever you’re trying to push a fight,” user ‘ytseby97’ explained. “You’re already far away and you want to make sure you’re going as fast as you can to that spot then also having an [over powered] charged-up Rampage to absolutely annihilate [opponents].”

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Additionally, this does away with the frustrating ambiguity of the charge-up animation. At times, players are left to guess the optimal timing to start running again after commencing the Rampage’s charge so as to not accidentally cancel it.

In trying to reproduce the technique, some players ran into trouble that others attributed to having ‘Auto Sprint’ turned on.

Even still, the mechanics are broad enough that Apex Legends players on console or PC should be able to use this trick to cancel the Rampage’s Thermite charge nerf to movement.