Apex Legends players have already broken Respawn’s big Rampage fix

Respawn Entertainment

The infinite charge glitch for the Rampage has been a headache in Apex Legends for much of Season 11, but a recent patch took aim at fixing it. After some experimentation, one player has found that the update didn’t solve the entire problem. 

On December 16, Respawn announced that they had patched out the infinite charge glitch that was allowing players to rev up their Rampages without expending a Thermite grenade.

Less than 24 hours later, members of the community began to report that the patch didn’t completely fix the problem, and one user has cracked the case of how players are still taking advantage of this LMG exploit.

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Apex Legends players instantly break Respawn’s big Rampage fix

Apex Legends RampageRespawn Entertainment
The Rampage LMG was released in Season 10 and debuted the Revved Up feature.

The workaround plays out exactly like the original, but the window of opportunity to get it right is dramatically smaller.

Instead of being able to drop the Thermite any time during the charging animation, players now have to eject it from their inventory in the time it takes for the gun to move from the charging bar to Revved Up.

That narrow space isn’t enough for some players though, with one user emphasizing that it’s much more difficult this time around: “I’ve tried doing it multiple times and unable to do maybe I’m just bad. Has anyone else been able to recreate it?”

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Other players have remarked on how recent fixes on both the Rampage and the Sentinel have had some major drawbacks to the potential of both weapons, with one commenter suggesting that the update might have broken them entirely: “I can’t charge either Rampage or Sentinel in some matches, like the animation does nothing sometimes for whole matches.”

This is the second time that Respawn have taken aim at fixing the charging problem, so it’s likely that another update pass will be made to nullify this problem as well.