Apex Legends Gibraltar buff would greatly improve his gun shield

Eli Becht

Gibraltar is one the weaker characters in Apex Legends but this small buff could significantly improve his viability.

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Since Apex Legends is a battle royale that features different characters with different abilities, it’s no surprise that some of the characters are just considered better than others.

One name that usually finds his name at the bottom of a tier list is Gibraltar as he is one of the biggest Legends in the game and doesn’t really have a powerful ability.

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One thing that makes Gibraltar worth playing is his deployable shield that can soak up a bit of damage but this simple buff could go a long way in improving him.

Currently, when Gibraltar deploys his shield it lights up as blue which makes him a pretty big target to other players.

Gibraltar’s buff could make his shield a lot more useful

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The proposed buff makes Gibraltar’s shield transparent which would help hide his shield from enemies and not make him as big of a target. The only way the shield would light up would be if Gibraltar is taking damage.

Making his shield less noticeable would help him from becoming a target to everyone around him.

While this wouldn’t allow his shield to take more damage, it would help disguise the shield when it’s up, causing an enemy to waste shots on it without knowing.

What other characters need buffs?

Respawn Entertainment
Caustic needs a buff more than anyone.

Getting this buff wouldn’t make Gibraltar into a meta character by any means but it would certainly make him a lot more viable than he is currently.

It’ll be a long way before Wraith is knocked off the top spot but minor buffs to other characters could help close the gap more.

If anyone needs a buff, it’s certainly Caustic as he currently doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table in terms of useful abilities. He excels at making gas rooms, but that’s about it.

With plenty of time left until Season 2 of Apex Legends, there will no doubt be many more adjustments down the line.