Are custom games heading to Apex Legends?

Respawn / Ninja

The latest Twitch Rivals tournament has fueled speculation that custom lobbies are coming to Apex Legends in the near future, with games at the event being hosted on a private server.

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The popular tournaments, this time offering $500,000 in prize money, were previously hosted on public servers – with players earning points based on the number of eliminations as well as final placement; the team with the most points from the public matches would win the overall tournament.

However, the latest competition was actually hosted on a custom lobby, meaning the players were pitted directly against each other, rather than the general player base – leading to more engaging, competitive gameplay. 

Feature Image: @MuratoTheBandit

Pro players are eager to see Respawn Entertainment add custom lobbies in the future.
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Will custom games be added to Apex Legends?

Professional Apex players have been desperate for Respawn Entertainment to add custom lobbies, similar to their rival game Fornite, in order to gain better practice against top tier talent.

Popular Twitch streamer, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiak hinted that custom lobbies were definitely in the pipeline after testing the game prior to its release stating: “Once they add the ability to make custom games, eventually we’ll be playing each other in tournaments.”

It seems the wish of many in the Apex community may finally be granted with Apex clearly demonstrating that they have the capability to host games on a private server – whether this will be made widely available remains to be seen.

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When are custom games coming to Apex Legends?

There has been no communication from Respawn as to when, or even if, custom games will be widely rolled out to the general player base, but the above evidence is at least promising.

Adding custom games could be a step to reclaiming some of the buzz around Apex Legends that has been lost in the past few weeks due to the numerous bugs and underwhelming Season One battle pass.

With main rival, Fortnite, already offering custom games for anyone with a support-a-creator code, Respawn could claw back some valuable market share by offering the same.