Apex Legends

How to master the Wingman in Apex Legends: Tips and tricks

by David Purcell
Respawn Entertainment


Respawn Entertainment has developed an incredible selection of weapons for Apex Legends, but there's not many as effective as Wingman - if it's used correctly. The question is, how can you master it?


Wingman in Apex Legends

In the early stages of the game, weapon looting is going to be a lottery. You don't really know what's going to be waiting for you when you drop into King's Canyon. However, if you don't find a Wingman right away, there's a good chance that you will come across one sooner or later. 

Wingman is a revolver style pistol that uses heavy rounds, with a hefty recoil to boot. While many players might be frightened off by how frantic it can look when firing, there are certainly ways of controlling it to give yourself the edge in gunfights. 


Apex Legends screengrab
Apex Legends screengrab
Here's a closer look at the Wingman pistol in Apex Legends.

How to improve your shooting in Apex Legends with Wingman 

There are a number of different ways to improve your shooting with weapons, as a whole, in Apex Legends. Yet, there are some specific traits that the Wingman has that forces players to adapt in order to improve. 

YouTuber staycation has posted a very helpful tips video for players wanting to improve their long and short distance shooting skills with the Wingman. The guide singles out two key ways that shooting can be improved, suggesting some key drills that could be good practice as well. 



Recoil control with Wingman

As we mentioned earlier, this revolver pistol certainly packs a punch where recoil is concerned. Anybody that's given it a try knows that it moves around a lot, but there are ways of controlling it. 

Staycation shows that the recoil will bounce the weapon upwards and to the right side, when spraying. This means that your first shot will be accurate, but those following that initial bullet are going to stray away from the target. 

So, to control this you're going to have to move your mouse or joystick downwards in order to counteract the Wingman's recoil - as the demonstration in the video shows. While this can be tricky at first, practice certainly makes perfect with this technique. 

Apex Legends screengrab
Apex Legends screengrab
Master the Wingman in Apex Legends and hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of this screen.

Aim movement with Wingman

Quite often you will see gunfights that are frantic. Both players jumping around, moving side to side and those can be tricky situations if you get caught up in the speed of it all. 

However, as staycation shows in his tutorial, sometimes standing firm and making small jolts to the side can allow you to land accurate shots in this type of scenario. This can also be particularly useful when you're looking to shoot an enemy that's moving around at long or medium range. 

In closer range, it's often easier to hip fire with Wingman as the target range is quite condense, making it easier than some weapons to hit your opponent up close. 

These are two of the most useful areas of gameplay that you're going to need to adapt to get a hang of Wingman in Apex Legends. We hope this guide, as well as the video above, help you get many more victories in the future using the weapon.