G2 pulls out of competitive Apex Legends after failed ALGS qualification

G2 Esports

Apex Legends has seen a mass exodus of esports organizations as of late, with some of the biggest orgs pulling out of the ALGS and now G2 has joined that group.

In a trend that’s worrying fans of competitive Apex Legends, some of the biggest names in esports have been letting go of their rosters and making their exit from the ALGS.

Cloud9 and Team Liquid both made their departure in December 2022, and now, G2 is following suit.

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Despite having big names like Tyler ‘Dezignful’ Gardener, Jordan ‘Resultuh’ Resulta, and Nathan ‘ChaoticMuch’ Gajkiewicz signed to their organization, G2 is dropping their roster and pulling out of Apex Legends.

G2 announce their departure from Apex Legends

Like the other teams that pulled out of Apex Legends, G2 missed qualification for the upcoming ALGS Season 3 LAN event in London. North America only had 10 slots, so getting your hands on one of those spots wasn’t easy.

And, while the current G2 roster didn’t have the best performance in 2022, it was a roster with a lot of potential. Dezignful in particular is one of the most recognizable names in Apex Legends pro play, and is also a very popular streamer.

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This team had some real talent behind it, but we’ll never know how well they could have done if given another year under the G2 banner.

While this is an unfortunate outcome for Resultuh and Dezignful, they had been with G2 for a while and have had their opportunity to try to bring success to the org. Chaotic just got signed in November of 2022. With less than 2 months worth of experience playing on the team, Chaotic is off the team and looking for a new home.

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Orgs are setting the precedent that teams who don’t make it to the biggest LAN event aren’t worth backing. A precedent that has worried many fans of competitive Apex Legends.

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