EA employee suspected of stealing Apex Legends accounts to sell them

Apex Legends korean hacker working on row of computers in an office under gunpointRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has revealed that a thief, who claims to be an EA employee, has stolen his account worth over $3,000. The thief appears to have unprecedented levels of access to the player and their communications.

During an ongoing exchange on the ranked EU server, an Apex Legends player has had their account stolen by someone claiming to work for EA, the game’s publisher.

After having shown the offensive player their in-game account, which included everything from Predator badges to the highly coveted Heirlooms, the theif has stolen the account, continually changing the email address and password to assure it remains locked.

It gets even more bizarre, though, as Reddit user karankhushalani explains exactly what has been happening over the past few days.

Apex Legends Bangalore knifeRespawn Entertainment
Heirloom’s such as Bangalore’s Pilot Knife are some of Apex’s most sought after items.

EA employee accused of stealing Apex Legends account

As most players would, Karan immediately reached out to EA support in an attempt to wrestle back control of the account. However, things quickly went from bad to worse.

“So I went to EA support, got it recovered, and thought well that was weird but I have it back now. I am literally in the MIDDLE of the recovery process that I’ve memorized in the last 48 hours after seven resets (they deactivate account, they change email, they send you a link to change pass, then they reactivate) and he changes the email back! Every single time he steals my account I don’t get any email at all, no ‘your email changed,’ no 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) codes, nothing.”

From here, the culprit proceeded to contact him again on Discord. “He adds me back on discord in the middle of my 3rd support request now, and starts telling me ‘let me know when you’re done talking to Yaman (my current support rep). I’m waiting.'” This is quickly followed up with a claim that the thief works for EA.

Finally, a support representative called Xar passed the issue onto his senior after having seen Karan’s screenshots of the Discord chat, who claims that the issue is “more than likely an employee abusing his access.”