Devastating Apex Legends combo is perfect for Ash and Bangalore

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An insane combo in Apex Legends gives the most daring players a way to get the jump on their opponents by using Bangalore’s underrated tactical and Ash’s ultimate ability.

The battle royale’s characters have a very focused set of moves each that can open up the game for different styles of play. This has given rise to surprising popular picks in the past, and meta-defining tactics in some cases.

Now that level of success doesn’t always come with every Legend combo that’s discovered, but sometimes it can get people thinking more about how they can use their character in fun new ways.

For the unsuspecting squad, Ash players can actually get off a really powerful ult to effectively gank opponents if used with a timely smoke from Bangalore.

Ash was released after Apex Legends Season 11.

A popular clip from user ‘Baz1cTricks’ shows how to use Ash’s Phase Breach in the most aggressive way possible to get the jump on a squad.

Facing off in the last circle, the team smoked off the Hammond Labs Maintenance entrance just before popping batteries for the ensuing push. Moments later, Ash ulted into the smoke, creating a portal on the other side.

Going through the breach landed the team behind the opposing players, who were too preoccupied shooting into the smoke where they expected the team to be.

That instantly gave Ash and her teammates the advantage to quickly mop up the trio who were still looking the other way.

Now, your mileage may vary, but Bang can put up a wall that will keep the enemy’s attention while your team plans the perfect jump.

Like the video shows, it’s best to have a tight corridor where you can hold the other players’ attention. While the jump itself is a risk should the other team be aware of the play, it has a huge potential to land easy kills.