Cryptic Blisk clue discovered in Apex Legends Season 6 Rampart teaser


More spray-painted Apex Legends teasers have cropped up in World’s Edge, but this time linking Season 6 debutant, Rampart, to Titanfall 2’s ruthless mercenary, Kuben Blisk.

Leaks of Rampart date all the way back to the beginning of Apex Legends. Files pertaining to who we now know to be an ‘expert modder’ have painted a pretty vivid picture of what to expect when Season 6 launches on August 18.

But following the Season 6 trailer — which unveiled Rampart for all the world to see — some cryptic teasers have been dropping, providing a glimpse into the Legend’s lore and her intentions.

Mostly dotted around Drill Site, the most prominent of the spray-painted messages reads “All hail Sheila,” which we understand to be Rampart’s trusty weapon — spotted in the ‘Boosted’ Season 6 trailer.

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Rampart in the Apex Legends Season 6 trailer.Respawn Entertainment
Rampart is seen modifying Sheila during the Boosted Season 6 trailer.

Rampart linked to Blisk?

Alongside the previous teasers, more spray-painted signs have cropped up in Fragment, both of which resemble the puzzling character, Kuben Blisk.

Blisk, a ruthless mercenary from Titanfall 2, is said to be the leader of the Apex Predators and is speculated to be a part of The Syndicate — a secretive group who supposedly moderate the goings-on within the Apex Games.

Both spray paintings have Blisk’s face, with a message that reads “Won’t let ya down” followed by Rampart’s signature.

Kuben Blisk Apex Legends spray painting.peacock_strut (Reddit) / EA
The first of Rampart’s teasers linking to Blisk.
Kuben Blisk's Apex Legends spray painting.peacock_strut (Reddit) / EA
The second of Blisk’s teasers to crop in World’s Edge.

The first of the two teasers even places a crown above Blisk’s head, while the second has the message “Not sorry” painted adjacent to the mysterious mural.

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Exactly what Rampart’s link to Blisk is remains to be seen, but given that she made a name for herself in underground fight clubs, it’s likely that the pair have some shady motives to shake-up the Apex Games come August 18.