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Clever Apex Legends trick keeps you alive longer when you’re downed

Published: 14/Jun/2020 1:52 Updated: 15/Jun/2020 4:11

by Alan Bernal


Getting downed in Apex Legends has a stacking effect against a player’s ‘bleed out’ timer that makes it harder to survive in the later stages of the game – luckily, there’s a way to reset it.

After being knocked a few times, people might notice that the game isn’t as forgiving with the bleed out meter. The first couple of times a player needs a revive, teammates can casually stroll to pick their ally up, maybe even take their time if need be.

That doesn’t necessarily happen after the third and fourth time where the countdown starts diminishing at a rapid pace, forcing teams to choose between finishing the current fight or picking up their squadmate before it’s too late.


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But user ‘iFragFamilys’ found a simple way of resetting that timer. Like most tricks in Apex, this one is severely situational, but it’s an easy way to forgive early-game mistakes if they resulted in being downed.

“If you have the opportunity, reset your timer by suiciding and having a squadmate revive you,” iFragFamilys said. “It takes 30 seconds to fully revive someone.”

A reminder for people who go down 2-3 times. Each time you’re down the timer gets cut in half (60->30->15->5 seconds). If you have the opportunity, reset your timer by suiciding and having a squad mate revive you. It takes 30 seconds to fully revive someone. from apexuniversity

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They noted how the downed timer starts at 60 seconds. In a battle royale where action can happen at break-neck speeds, this is a good cushion of time to prioritize the enemy and not have to worry about reviving your friend.


But every down after cuts that time in half. This will gradually make the cooldown reduce to 30 seconds, 15 seconds, and eventually down to only five.

Navigating between two opponents and having a teammate with only five seconds to be revived critically limits your options in a fight.

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A downed teammate becomes more for of a liability after two or three revives.

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This method is obviously more applicable towards those who aren’t exactly top-tier, since higher level players don’t usually get knocked enough for the cooldown timer to have that significant of a reduction.

That said, if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve been downed a couple of times early on, it’s just better to finish yourself off in-game and get brought back because, as the Redditor explains, it can get to the point where the latter takes less time than just constantly getting picked back up.