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How to master the R-99 in Apex Legends: Tips, damage stats & more

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends player knows that having an R-99 SMG at their side is key to grabbing a victory. Though, there are tips that you can take into battle to really master the incredibly rapid weapon.

The R-99 SMG is one of the top tier weapons to use in Apex Legends. Grabbing one as a part of the floor loot or from an enemy’s death box is a great way to give yourself a chance of becoming the Apex Champion.

However, the rapid sub-machine gun is a weapon that can also be pretty tricky to handle. Its recoil is one of the most difficult to control in-game and to do a full 200 damage, you will have to land 90% of the shots from one round of ammo – which can be difficult in the late game. Yet, we’ve got a few tips that might make things a little easier. 


The R-99 is one of Apex's premier weapons.

Load up on attachments and use optics

Now, if you’re dedicated to getting better at Apex, mastering the R-99’s recoil can take some time in Firing Range. However, if the luck is on your side in-game, you’re better off loading up on attachments – specifically the barrel stabilizer, extended mag, and a sight of your choice.

Unlike some other weapons, you aren’t slowed down when you aim down sight. In fact, when you aim down sight with the R-99, you’re still pretty quick across the ground. That means that you can keep yourself aimed in with a sight and not become a sitting duck. 


Apex Legends damage stats for R-99 SMG

As noted, the R-99 can deal some serious damage if you get up close and personal with an enemy player. If you’ve managed to master the recoil, you’ll shred through an enemy’s health in no time. 

If you’re lucky enough to get a weapon in the early part of the game, where enemies don’t have a ton of armor on, it’ll take between six and eight clean shots to deal 100 damage to an unarmored opponent. 


Apex Legends wiki
The damage stats for the R-99 in Apex Legends.

Don't ever use the R-99 at long range

Kill hungry Apex players will take shots with weapons even when they aren’t supposed to. You may deal a tiny touch of damage to an enemy, but you’re likely to never get a kill as enemies will run away. 

Its the same short with the R-99. The SMG only has one times headshot multiplier from 39 meters and beyond. This means you’re better off either using your secondary weapon at range or trying to get closer to your foe. 

R-99 recoil pattern


You can see the recoil pattern for the R-99 above. After a bit of side-to-side for the first 5-6 shots, it goes flying up and slightly to the right. So, pulling down and slightly left should help you keep on target.

You can see recoil patterns for all the weapons here.

As season five unfolds and Respawn start rolling out updates, the R-99 could be in for some changes – but we’ll just have to wait and see if that ends up being the case.

For now, you’re better off taking these tips into World’s Edge and Kings Canyon and trying to rack up wins by getting up close and personal with this SMG.