Who is Caliber in Apex Legends? Leaked Legend abilities and rumors

Caliber Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Caliber is an unreleased Apex Legends character that was recently uncovered via the recent leaks. Here is everything we know about their abilities and overall playstyle. 

The recent Apex Legends leak has given players a sneak peek at all the upcoming characters that will be releasing in the near future. So far, details have been revealed for Conduit, Newcastle, Scryer, and many more characters. 

However, one of the most useful leaked Legend was that of Caliber – a new offensive character that focuses on turret creation and ammunition handouts. While Respawn has yet to officially reveal any details on Caliber, the leaks have divulged a number of details surrounding his kit. 

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So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Caliber the game’s Apex Arms Dealer. 


Who is Caliber in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Bonsai Plaza POIRespawn Entertainment
Caliber is one of the many Legends that was recently leaked.

While there have been no leaks regarding Caliber’s lore, we do know that he is Apex Legends’ resident Arms Dealer. This means he likely knows a thing or two about the game’s deadly weaponry. 

Quite how he came to find himself within the BR remains unknown, but we’ll likely hear more information once Respawn reveals details about him in the months to come. 

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Caliber abilities in Apex Legends

In terms of gameplay, there has been no footage of Caliber’s gameplay. Instead, the datamine has revealed details on the Apex Arms Dealer’s kit. 

Of course, like all Apex Legends leaks, these abilities should be taken with a grain of salt, as they could change before his official release. 

  • Passive: Weapon Sling – A sling where you can store a third weapon.
  • Tactical: Suppressor Turret – Deploy a makeshift turret from a copy of your active weapon.
  • Ultimate: Auto Loader – Deploy a box that feeds ammo directly into nearby players’ current weapons.

Will Caliber be added in Season 13 of Apex Legends?

Respawn has yet to reveal any details about Apex Legends Season 13, so we currently don’t know whether Caliber will be added in this update. 

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However, as we get closer to the next update, the developers will likely begin dropping hints about the new Legend. 

Until then, we’ll be sure to keep this article updated as soon as we hear more details about Caliber. Don’t forget to check out alphaINTEL for all the latest Apex Legends news and updates.

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