Apex Legends update 1.97 patch notes: Ranked Rewards fix, Armories exploit

. 30 days ago
apex legends armories
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn have pushed out a few hotfixes in the Apex Legends June 7 update that comes with brief patch notes addressing the Armories clipping exploit while also issuing the correct Ranked Rewards for players.

In the aftermath of the Ranked Reloaded overhaul, Respawn Entertainment have been at work to patch out all of the biggest issues that have been cropping up since the last update.

Though the June 7 update omits any major balance updates, there’s still plenty of pertinent gameplay bugs and exploits that need amending. It’s for that reason that the studio released both a client and server patch for errors pertaining to the new Armories and Newcastle’s ultimate.

There’s a few more issues that the Apex update aimed to resolve which should make a few gameplay aspects smoother overall.

apex legends armories
Respawn Entertainment
The Apex Armories got bug fixes from top to bottom in the June 7 patch.

Apex Legends Armories exploit fix

The new Apex Armories were supposed to be secured hubs that single teams could access, but there were a couple snags that made them act out.

For example, people have been able to clip grenades and even Ash ults into the Armories ceiling. That isn’t something that was meant to happen with the enclosures, so Respawn set it in its sights in the latest update.

Along with a few other tweaks, the studio hopes that Armories will work properly with the June 7 update hitting the live servers.

apex legends drop
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn are working to get Apex Legends players their proper Ranked Rewards.

Apex Ranked Rewards addressed

Some Apex Legends players noticed that they weren’t awarded with the correct Rank cosmetics for dive trails, holosprays and the like.

Respawn caught wind of the issue and included a fix in the June 7 update and players should start to see the correct items in the inventories soon.

Players shouldn’t experience any downtime, and you can get a complete look at the Apex Legends June 7 patch update below, courtesy of Respawn.

Apex Legends June 7 update patch notes

  • Improper Ranked rewards: the correct dive trails, holosprays, gun charms, and badges will start rolling out to players throughout the day
  • IMC Armories: exploits related to clipping through the rook, a mantling bug after teleporting in, and various script errors
  • Fixing the occasional server-wide thud sound related to Newcastle’s ultimate
  • Resolving next-gen Xbox audio distortion
  • Various script errors

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