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Apex Legends update fixes broken Loba and Wraith abilities

Published: 4/Sep/2020 2:12

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Entertainment have issued a number of bug fixes for the Apex Legends roster, as notable glitches that hampered Loba and Wraith’s abilities were addressed in the September 3 patch.

Wraith and Loba are both some of the more popular Legends in the cast. But lately, players have been cautious of them since crucial abilities in their kit have been going astray in the Arena.

For one, Loba’s bracelet ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, hasn’t been exactly functioning around the game, causing it to “fail in certain areas.” Since the tactical is how Loba stays mobile during rotations or firefights, it was a nuisance when players came across the glitch.


Wraith’s Portals have also been having issues, particularly a couple that caused her Interdimensional Rift ultimate ability to disappear upon death, errors when it’s used too close to a replicator, or interactions with the geysers that bugged up Apex Legends altogether.

Crazy Wraith portal glitch at Geyser… from apexlegends

In both Legends’ instances, the bugs have been a part of longstanding problems with the characters and Respawn are taking another stab at finally putting their problems to rest.

In early July, Respawn game director Jason McCord explained why issues with Loba’s bracelet would occur on World’s Edge. A problem that he attributed to the different “triggers” that appear on that map as opposed to the ones that made up Kings Canyon.


The problem with Loba almost persuaded McCord to “turn her off in character select” until they were able to ship the fix. They decided against it at the time because the company had a holiday near the time a solution was being worked on.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn addressed bugs dealing with Wraith’s Portals.

Both the Apex community and the Respawn devs will hope these patches stick, to avoid any further complications with Loba’s teleporting bracelet.

As for Wraith, Apex dev Josh Medina caught wind of reports that took away her Portals in late August. This is a quick turnaround for the studio which started looking for ways to reproduce the bug at that time.


Respawn will be monitoring the new Apex fixes to see how effective the patch is, so players should be on the lookout for recurring problems after the update.