Apex Legends dev responds as third-person easter egg is removed

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Apex Legends players have noticed that the limited third-person mode is no longer accessible in the game’s firing range; a developer has since responded to the mode’s surprise removal. 

The third-person mode has been a staple of the Apex experience for quite some time. Respawn once removed the feature for a brief period of time due to an error, but it returned before long to the delight of many a player.

Typically, players activate the mode in firing range by visiting one of the map’s far corners, crouching before a specific bush, then switching characters.

It’s a rather simple process, one players like to rely on when wanting to enjoy the game from a different perspective. For some reason, though, enabling third-person is no longer possible.

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Dev responds to absence of third-person in Apex Legends

While trying to activate the third-person mode, Twitter user and Apex player Iuwba noticed the game wouldn’t allow for such a change.

The user made note of the issue in a brief Twitter post, complete with footage of the failed attempt. Gameplay Programmer Ian Holstead quickly responded to the tweet, telling fans it “isn’t an intentional change.”

“…I’ll see if I can find what caused it and get it fixed. I know it’s important to people,” the developer added.

It seems that not even developers are fully aware of what may have disrupted Apex Legends’ third-person easter egg.

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When a proper fix will be implemented presently remains unknown. Hopefully, the changes will come sooner rather than later.

While the different camera view once popped up in a Season 3 LTM, it’s yet to make its way to regular modes long-term. It’s unclear if Respawn ever means to change as much.