Biggest Apex Legends streamers in 2021: ImperialHal, Aceu, iiTzTimmy, more

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Apex Legends has been booming in the last few years with content creators from YouTube, Twitch, and more racking up huge milestones over 2021. Here are the biggest streamers in Apex Legends.

Even with all of its faults, Respawn’s battle royale is consistently lauded as one of the best in its genre. With its heavy set of in-game movement mechanics to master, an array of different Legends, and deep lore to fawn over, there’s a lot to love.

As such, the Apex community has a swarm of creators to rely on for the best highlight plays, commentaries, and tricks to enjoy all-year round.

Here are the streamers who were the most watched channels in Apex Legends, including esports stars, hilarious personalities and more.

Top Twitch Apex Legends streamers

EA’s Influencer Creative Jonathan Dodd shared a list of the most watched Apex streamers so far this year with data from NoScope.

It had plenty of familiar talent and a fresh face that’s been making plays in the section.

Top 3 Apex streamers:

1. TSM Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen

Leader of TSM’s dangerous Apex Legends pro team, ImperialHal’s streams are a highlight machine with plenty of funny lows along the way. From May to August 2021, he’s gotten over 510 million minutes watched on Twitch and isn’t slowing down.

A part of the monster trio from 2019, Hal’s taken 1st place at the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational and the EXP Invitational when Apex was featured in the X Games, and received plenty of accolades since then.

He’s quickly reaching the 1-million milestone for Twitch followers, and could easily cap that feat at the start of the Season 10 Emergence update when there’s bound to be Apex-fever in the air.

2. ShivFPS

Luminosity’s star Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel is an absolute force on Twitch and in the Apex battlegrounds. Known for his hilarious antics, insane gameplay, and even bigger pop offs, Shiv has logged more than 400 million minutes watched on his channel.

As a seasoned content creator, the man’s unstoppable. His YouTube gallery and Twitch feed are constantly supplied and he’s built a strong following throughout the social sphere.

The British streamer is a great source for learning new techs, insane outplays, and some of the most hilarious moments in Apex.

3. Aceu

When Apex was booming, there was no duo more well-known in Apex than NRG’s Aceu and Dizzy. Since then, Aceu has still been an electric player once he gets going and his audience loves every second of it.

Aceu has 240 million minutes watched for his Apex streams, and it’s not a surprise with an audience made up of 1.8 million Twitch followers. He has 1.22 million subs on YouTube and was as close as you could get to a ‘household name’ when Apex was first on the rise.

He still plays a ton of Apex and it’s impressive that he’s still topping charts in the game even after incorporating a lot more games, like Valorant, into the mix.

Apex’s Most Watched Twitch Streamers

4. Rogue 203,000,000 Minutes
5. sweetdreams 199,000,000 Minutes
6. iiTzTimmy 188,000,000 Minutes
7. kato_junichi0817 186,000,000 Minutes
8. stylishnoob4 145,000,000 Minutes
9. Euriece 136,000,000 Minutes
10. fps_shaka 125,000,000 Minutes


Apex’s Most Watched YouTube Creators

1. The Gaming Merchant 35,800,000 Views
2. NIRU 31,500,000 Views
3. TIE Ru 31,400,000 Views
4. Shibuya HAL 30,700,000 Views
5. BobSappAim 26,900,000 Views
6. Apex Ninja 21,100,000 Views
7. HYPERMYST 15,700,000 Views
8. TIE PRiZE 14,800,000 Views
9. fps_shaka 13,800,000 Views
10. Apex Mosa 13,400,000 Views

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