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Apex Legends streamer stunned by the true extent of in-game hacking

Published: 7/Mar/2020 19:27

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends streamer was bewildered to find a squad of hackers who used basically every cheat available on their way to a Champion screen.

Typically hackers try to at least conceal their cheats so they don’t get outright banned, but streamer ‘AndySlaps’ couldn’t believe what he was seeing while spectating a hacking team – but he was even more surprised that they weren’t banned.

After seeing what the hackers were doing, the streamer decided to shadow the player while “casting” their game to truly capture the absurdity of the gameplay unfolding before him.

Respawn Entertainment
The cheater was taking Gibraltar to another level of dominance with a plethora of hacks.

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Throughout multiple moments in the clip, AndySlaps couldn’t believe how the cheats escalated to include speed hacking, ultimate cooldown resets, aim cheats, and instant shield batteries – just to name a few.


“This guy is literally ice-skating,” AndySlaps said before switching over to full-on commentator mode. “You know what, I think this guy is legit, and he’s so good, I’m even going to cast this game.”

It was a mystery to see the hacker’s account in the same lobby as AndySlaps at all since the streamer achieved the Apex Predator rank and the cheater is only Bronze four.

Respawn Devs Can We Talk About How Crazy This Is? I Have Never Seen Someone Do this in over 1500 hours… from apexlegends

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But the satirical banter of the streamer-turned-caster showed how ‘impressed’ he was of the hacker’s “raw and incredible skills.”

The Apex community was equally astonished, and the laughs turned into calls of help from Respawn to come in with a fix to the hacker problem in the game.


“This is the craziest thing I have ever seen in Masters/Predator Queue,” AdamSlaps said. “So I logged off and my friend continued to queue. He said he ran into another 7-8 People using whatever insane client was used in the first clip… I hope someone at Respawn sees this and can help in some way.”

AndySlaps via Reddit
The hacker would get their Ultimate up in no time at all while speeding across World’s Edge.

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The battle royale has had a long history with hackers, but more players have been reporting “a massive influx of cheaters that seem to have popped up in the past 48 hours,” according to the streamer.

Whether it was a new type of hack or a vulnerability in the Apex Legends backend, the community will look forward to a fix from Respawn to keep the cheaters in check.