Bizarre Apex Legends glitch is merging Gibraltar & Caustic’s abilities

Andy Williams
Bizarre Apex Legends glitch is merging Gibraltar & Caustic's abilitiesEA

Apex Legends players have stumbled upon a crazy bug which merges both Gibraltar’s Dome Shield and Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap into one lethal combination, before sending it hurling across the map.

The System Override Collection Event is in full swing and players have been lapping up every second of King’s Canyon’s return with the limited-time ‘Déjà Loot’ mode.

While the event has brought a ton of changes (such as the brand-new Evo Shield and Octane’s Heirloom), there have been some unintended consequences of the update going live.

Apex Legends' System Override event.EA
Bangalore leads the pack in Apex Legends’ System Override Collection Event.

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One of the ramifications has been that grenades have no longer been working in-game for a vast majority of players, with the explosives either disappearing in plain sight or players being left unable to select their trusty frag after certain character animations.

Now, another unintended bug has been uncovered that could prove quite lethal in World’s Edge. Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, one Redditor showcased Gibraltar and Caustic’s newfound brotherhood.

Essentially, the pair send a dome-protected noxious gas trap hurling across the map by utilizing both Gibraltar’s and Caustic’s Tactical abilities.

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After placing Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap on the ground, the Gibraltar simply places the projector hub for their Dome Shield on top of the gas canister.

With the dome now fully encompassing Caustic’s trap, there’s a short delay until both are propelled across the map. While this appears like a harmless bit of fun from the outside looking in, any Gibraltar/Caustic mains could use this to get a positional advantage in the next containment zone if used correctly.

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Have a Pathfinder one your squad? They can also join in the fun, according to the Redditor! “We got it with Pathfinder, too. We grappled and got launched,” the player commented.

While the glitch is, of course, an unintended by-product of the System Override event update, there’s every chance that it could be here to stay. Meaning that providing cover to your teammates on the other side of the map just became a whole lot easier!