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Apex Legends streamer banned after insulting Twitch VTuber over in-game spat

Published: 22/May/2021 20:09

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends streamer and Twitch Rivals competitor ‘vampzyy’ has been banned from the platform after a toxic episode aimed at a VTuber who ‘spam finished’ him in a match apparently got out of hand.

Vampzyy took exception to VTuber ‘Hambino,’ who apparently “spam finished [him] obnoxiously for like 30 seconds straight,” singling him out in a match.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to use in-game, Vampzyy “perceived it as a form of toxicity directed towards me personally” when Hambino locked him in consecutive Finisher animations. After that, he went into Hambino’s channel to reciprocate the toxicity, but it went too far for Twitch’s liking.


“This dude was invited to Twitch Rivals, a positive representation of Apex Players,” Harimbo said of Vampzyy’s retaliation. “And he is out here coming into my chat while LIVE, after I spam finished him in a video game, attacking my looks, which encourages his viewers to come into my chat, and post hateful things like this.”

Shortly after Vampzzy was banned on Twitch. He told Dexerto the ban levied against him will keep his channel offline for seven (7) days.

After Vampzzy and his Twitch Chat invaded the VTuber’s channel, there were bad actors who posted hateful messages directed at the streamer for being LGBT, Hambino said.


Once the situation had come to a head, Vampzzy defended himself by saying he was not the one to send hateful messages. Instead, those texts were sent by a member of his Chat.

“I even DMed [Hamibo] personally, apologizing for saying rude things to him and admitting I lost my cool,” Vampzzy said. “What I did not do is say anything homophobic or anti LGBT and you can watch his vod as proof of that.”

Vampzzy said he reached out to the VTuber to square away the spat. After the failed attempt, the banned streamer accused Hambino of trying to escalate the ordeal after the fact.


Twitch doesn’t usually comment on bans, but Vampzzy is asking for a closer look into the matter since it could lead to more repercussions.