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Brilliant cracked shield idea for Apex Legends would help looting massively

Published: 22/May/2021 12:54

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has come up with a quite brilliant idea for looting shields that would make the decision between swapping for a new one and keeping your current shield easier. 

Respawn have made a few changes to the way shields work in different updates, adopting the Evo Shield idea as a full-time thing, so the more damage you do, the better shield you have.

Getting a better shield helps a ton, but sometimes when looting, you don’t really have the time to check if you should make the swap and if the shield you’re eyeing up is damaged. So, some players have got an idea to fix that.


Apex Legends Evo Shields
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn is constantly tweaking Apex Legends based on player feedback, like in the case of making Evo Shields a permanent feature.

Currently, when you want to swap shields, you can cursor over the shield and get a number comparison between the new one and your current one. It is easy to read and make a call, but only if you have a fair bit of time.

With Redditor AI-JVD’s idea, they suggest that Respawn could add an icon for broken shields, so you know you’re not getting a fully charged shield.

The idea is quite brilliant, but it does fall slightly short of telling you just how damaged the shield would be. You’d know it needs recharging, but not by how much.


What you think about "Cracked Bodyshield" icon? from apexlegends

So, another player, husky0168, took that idea and ran a little further, suggesting adding the bars from the hud to show just how damaged the shield would be.

“YEP! This is it Respawn,” said one impressed player. “Yes please!” added another.

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As Respawn have stated in the past, they can’t out and out just take fan ideas and implement them, but they have certainly taken inspiration from suggestions from fans.

Even just recently in Season 9, the developers implemented a feature to sort badges by ones players have unlocked, which was also a suggestion from fans.