Twitch streamer accused of hacking in Apex Legends now banned

David Purcell

Apex Legends streamer bjerrehusdk has been banned on Twitch, after being accused of “obvious” aimbotting during broadcasts on the platform. 

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The gamer and his teammates appeared to brag about the cheating tactics they were using during a livestream on June 4, after viewers started to question just how genuine the insane and long-range eliminations the players picked up were. 

His Twitch channel has since been banned. The reason for such action being taken is still yet to be confirmed, as is the length of the ban, but it could be argued that the evidence does look pretty damning. 

RespawnRespawn Entertainment have banned a lot of Apex Legends players so far for cheating. Has bjerrehusdk just joined the list?
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“I can’t give you the name of my hack, sorry guys” the streamer said during the broadcast, before teammates teased that they would soon reveal their hack to other players in the game’s online community. 

Whether or not this triggered the suspension, or removal, of bjerrehusdk’s streaming account remains to be seen. However, hacking in broadcasts is certainly breaking Twitch’s terms of use and, if found guilty, this would have been grounds for a ban. 

Nevertheless, we know now that they won’t be revealing potential hacks on their channel any time soon. The news comes just days after other players on Reddit called for the player to be banned, while others argued that they might be genuine plays. 

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Respawn Entertainment have already banned over 350,000 players from their game for cheating and if bjerrehusdk was found guilty of cheating by Twitch, it could be only a matter of time before the developer bans them from the game as well. 

Whether or not that ban has already been sanctioned is unknown at this time, but as updates come in for this story we’ll be the first to let you know of any further developments. 

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