Apex Legends server error is costing players skins & heirlooms from packs

. 18 days ago
Apex Legends pack error
Respawn Entertainment

A major Apex Legends server error is deleting any cosmetics obtained in packs, with one player missing out on their Heirloom shards.

Cosmetics are a huge aspect of Apex Legends and are the primary way that Respawn brings in revenue from players, so a lot of effort goes into creating incredible designs.

While players can save up crafting metals to unlock specific skins from the menus, Heirlooms and limited-time cosmetics are only available through buying packs.

So, when an error triggered by opening packs is deleting the rewards obtained by players, it’s safe to say the devs have a serious issue on their hands.

Well, that’s exactly what’s started happening on June 17 and one unlucky player even experienced the bug just after receiving a set of Heirloom shards.

Apex Legends pack
Respawn Entertainment
As a dev has responded to the error, it’s clear Respawn is aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Apex Legends bug is canceling rewards from packs

Shortly after the Awakening Collection Event announcement, the community started experiencing an error message that pops up as soon as a pack is opened.

Reporting that “some items in the Apex pack have not been authored in-game yet,” the error seems to indicate that the items in the pack are not meant to be in the cosmetic pool just yet.

Unfortunately, this is leading to some players losing out on the skins and items in their packs, with one extremely unlucky Reddit user revealing that they’d lost their Heirloom shards.

At a 1 in 500 chance in packs, a lot of day one players have only received a single Heirloom despite putting thousands of hours into Apex.

Luckily, a dev quickly came to the rescue and asked the player to “DM them”, so hopefully a new set of Heirloom shards will be added to their account.

This reply also confirms that Respawn is aware of the problem and is no doubt working on a fix, but it’s hard to know how long it will take before the error is resolved.

For the time being, it’s probably best to hold onto your packs until the glitch has been patched, as you don’t want any precious Heirloom shards to go to waste.

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