Apex Legends Season 8 to bring back Anvil Receiver and add new Hop-Up

David Purcell
Apex Legends Season 8 hop ups

Respawn Entertainment appears to have a couple of aces up their sleeve for Apex Legends Season 8, as new Legend Fuse and the 30-30 Repeater weapon will be added alongside two Hop-Up items. The Anvil Receiver, and one we’ve not seen before. 

The meta in Apex Legends is likely to be given a shakeup, even if just slightly, for the next major update in the game.

No weapon was added in Season 7, with the majority of the community happy with the balance of gameplay, and clearly, the developers agreed on that occasion.

This time, though, things will be different. A new hard-hitting rifle is being added to shuffle the pack, and now it appears a couple of Hop-Ups will be made available – with the return of the Anvil Receiver.

30-30 repeater and battle pass
The 30-30 Repeater will be added to the loot pool on February 2, but it appears it won’t be the sole addition.

Apex Legends Season 8 set to bring back Anvil Receiver

Removed in Season 5, the Anvil Receiver was replaced in-game by the Skullpiercer Rifling Hop-up.

In an EA Game Changers video posted to YouTube on January 28, content creator Dazs reveals some tips for how to handle the weapon. In one instance, however, players realized that in the bottom right corner of the HUD, the Anvil Receiver option appeared on the Flatline.

Now, this is obviously a huge hint that it’s about to be included in the Season 8 patch notes. 

For those who can’t remember exactly which guns worked with the former, players could previously attach the Receiver to the R-301 and Flatline. Should it return, we see no reason why those would change.

The general use of this Hop-Up is to decrease the rate of fire, use two ammo per shot in single fire mode, but also almost doubling semi-auto damage.

Reacting to the news of its potential return in Apex Legends Season 8, one fan said: “It is decided, I’m gonna use Flatline the whole of next season,” while another posted: “Imagine if they brought back disruptor rounds…”

New Hop-Up discovered

Not only that, but in the same video it appears that the Sentinel also has a new Hop-Up slot.

Apex Legends Season 8 new hop up
A new Hop-Up for the Sentinel appears to be in the works.

No details have been released on what this will be, as of the time of writing, but is yet another sign that the loot pool is going to experience some substantial changes in the next season.

The Anvil Reciever was a fairly popular item in the past, and based on the comments in the Reddit thread, people are delighted to hear it may be coming back sooner rather than later.