Apex Legends Season 6 trailer reveals first look at Crafting & Volt SMG

Mirage in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

The gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted has been revealed and it looks like Crafting is going to play a pretty big role in the new update. 

In the build-up to each new season, the Apex Legends devs at Respawn Entertainment start dropping some earlier hints at what is in store for their next major update. This comes in the form of legend reveals, cinematic trailers, and eventually some nice new gameplay videos.

Ahead of Season 6: Boosted, Rampart has already been revealed as the newest legend, and her Stories from the Outlands video showed that she is in cahoots with Titanfall’s Kuben Blisk and has some interesting abilities.

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Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted gameplay trailer

The new trailer was revealed on August 14, with the cast of legends preparing for the next season by sprinting around World’s Edge and fighting. This revealed the Fortified version of the World’s Edge map as well as a closer look at Rampart’s abilities – in particular, her LMG and shields. 

Crafting in Apex Legends

Though, perhaps the most interesting piece of information comes in the form of our first look at Crafting. In the trailer, the legends approach an orange structure and collect materials by interacting with it.

After that, they head to a bigger station – not as big as a Charge Tower, sadly – and then log on to the system. From there, they are able to trade the materials they’ve collected for some items. These are split into daily, permanent, and weekly, so we should see the majority of items rotate on a timed basis. 

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Respawn EntertainmentAn example of how crafting will work in Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted.

Volt SMG in Apex Season 6 trailer

The trailer also gave us a look at the new Volt SMG. The Titanfall weapon had been leaked previously when some gameplay testers revealed an early look at how it would appear in the menus.

In the trailer, we saw Crypto sliding around with it and taking on Revenant in a tightly closed space.

Crypto with Volt SMG in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Crypto was the one wielding the Volt SMG.

Of course, the devs have already confirmed that there are some major changes coming when the new season gets underway on August 18.

World’s Edge will be changed up like Kings Canyon was in Season 5, the different legends will receive their own buffs and nerfs, and there will be a whole host of new cosmetics to unlock through Apex Packs, the store, and challenges.

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