Apex Legends Season 4: Will Loba/Rosie be the next Legend?

Side by side of rosie in apex legends trailerRespawn Entertainment

Season 4 of Apex Legends is underway and yet Rosie, aka Loba, still hasn’t made an appearance in the game – or has she? We’ve rounded up all the clues, hints, teasers and leaks about what could potentially be the next legend joining the Apex Games.

Revenant eventually became the newest character added to the roster, despite Respawn initially announcing Forge – who met a swift and brutal end at the hands of Revenant himself.

Whether Forge is actually, really, completely dead is another conversation entirely, but after the Season 4 cinematic was released, all attention turned back to Loba.

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Who is Loba?

Although her exact identity is still a bit of a mystery, it is rumored that Loba was actually the young girl seen in Revenant’s cinematic trailer.

The hitman kills the parents of the young girl, who is then seemingly left to fend for herself. The trailer gives the girl a close up at the end, as she narrows her eyes, a look of determination to get revenge.

Rosie from Apex Legends in the Season 4 trailerRespawn Entertainment
Is this a young Loba, now set on avenging her parent’s death?

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There was another major clue in the trailer that this is Loba though. Before Revenant’s attack, the girl is given a gift – a wolf ornament of some kind.

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It was quickly noted by fans that ‘Loba’ is a female wolf or ‘she-wolf’ in Portuguese, the native language of her father Marcos. This is when the clues started to fall into place. Surely this wolf gift wasn’t a coincidence?

Loba wolf statue for Apex Legends Season 4Respawn Entertainment
The wolf gift in the trailer.

How did we first hear about Rosie?

Like almost everything in Apex Legends, our first indications about this potential new character came from leaks.

Rosie/Loba was one of the earliest legends ever to be leaked from game files, way back in February 2019, just after the game was released. She was part of a batch of eleven leaked characters, which also included Octane, Wattson and Crypto – who have all now been released.

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Rosie in apex legends animation on green backgroundShrugtal
These were the first leaked images of Rosie.

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Reliable data miner That1MiningGuy speculated that Rosie was, in fact, Wattson’s tutor when she was growing up in Kings Canyon, helping her father make the Apex Games.

At some point, Rosie was renamed to “Loba,” as her abilities were found in the game’s code. Her abilities are mainly loot-focused, granting her the ability to find and steal items unlike other Legends. She can also teleport using discs of some kind.

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List of Loba's abilities in Apex Legends@That1MiningGuy
Loba’s abilities, last found in the game files by leakers.

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Will Loba be the next character in Apex Legends?

It was previously believed that Rosie/Loba would be added in Season 3, as she was the furthest along in development, according to leakers. Of course, we got Crypto instead.

So, surely Season 4 was the time for Loba to join the Apex Games? Well, instead we got Forge, and then Respawn pulled another trick and gave us Revenant in the end.

Does that mean we will have to wait until Season 5? After all, so far, Respawn have committed to only adding one new Legend per season. So yes, it’s possible that we’ll have to simply be patient.

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However, there are a number of reasons to believe that the developers may buck the trend, and add two new Legends in Season 4.

Firstly, the young girl seen in the trailer was featured so prominently, that Respawn is clearly trying to hint at something. On its own, this doesn’t mean much, as Crypto was actually revealed in the Season 2 trailer, a season before his release.

Young girl animated sitting at table in apex legends trailerRespawn Entertainment
This could be our first official look at Loba in Apex Legends.

But, there is more to it than just the trailer. Season 4 is already unlike any previous season, because it will have a mid-season “split.” The main purpose of this, at least for now, is for Ranked mode, where players will be ‘soft-reset’ for the start of the second split.

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More importantly, though, Kings Canyon is also returning for the second split, starting on March 24. Currently, all we know is that Kings Canyon will be in Ranked play, but surely it will also be made available in regular matches.

This split, along with the return to Kings Canyon, could be the perfect time to introduce a new legend. Perhaps Loba hears that the Games are coming back, and that Revenant (who killed her parents remember), is coming too. The perfect opportunity to get revenge?

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Did Respawn already reveal Loba?

Next, we have to go back to August 2019, during Season 2. On August 1, a developer tweeted out an image of a motion-capture session, saying: “working on Apex Legends stuff.”

The actor in the mo-cap suit is not someone already known as a Legend’s actor, and so presumably was for a new character. When a fan asked if it was for Crypto, the developer responded with a closed mouth emoji – clearly not giving away any clues.

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tweet from apex legends developer about lobaTwitter
Was this a motion-capture session for Loba?

Was Loba spotted in-game?

Finally, we have possibly the most important clue of all. On February 11, one week after Season 4 began, an eagle-eyed player spotted a creature moving across the map.

On closer inspection, the figure dashing across the screen appeared to be some kind of dog – or wolf? A slowed version of the clip makes this even clearer, and dispelled any possibility that it was simply a Wraith crouching, as some had speculated.

This truly mysterious sighting is possibly the most important clue yet. Why would a wolf-like figure dash across the map like this, if not some kind of Loba teaser?

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It also raises some questions too though. Why would Loba be on the World’s Edge map, if she is actually waiting for Revenant’s return to Kings Canyon? How did she get there? Can she turn herself into a wolf, or is this a wolf from her pack?

After all, if Rosie is indeed the girl in the trailer, then she is an orphan. We may be reaching too far into our imagination here, but who knows, what if she was raised by a pack of wolves? Granted, this is unlikely, but clearly there is some connection. Even if this is a bit far fetched, surely this mysterious wolf sighting is not pure coincidence.

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The second split of Apex Legends’ fourth season begins on March 24. This is probably the earliest opportunity for Respawn to add a second legend this season. If the second split just brings back Kings Canyon and nothing else, then we’ll have to wait until Season 5.

It’s worth noting that Rosie isn’t the only character that has been leaked. In total, 13 unreleased characters have been found in the game files, along with their abilities. Other clues have hinted at Blisk being the next character too, and after the episode with Forge, we truly can’t predict what Respawn have planned.

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