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Apex Legends Revenant Twitch Prime skin leaked and coming soon

Published: 5/Feb/2020 11:14

by David Purcell


The next Twitch Prime exclusive skin for Apex Legends will feature Season 4’s newest character, Revenant, and data miners have already revealed what the new style is going to look like.

There was a period of uncertainty for the game’s online community in the buildup to the new season, with promotional material first showing Forge as the next character to be added, before he was brutally killed by the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics’ deadly machine.

As we’ve seen with other characters introduced to the Apex Games, it’s always just a matter of time before Respawn Entertainment release new skins for them, and Revenant appears to be next based on leaked information from the usually accurate That1MiningGuy.

Respawn Entertainment
The World’s Edge map was given a shakeup for Season 4.
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New Revenant skin leaked

The data miner has been hard at work since the Season 4 patch went live on February 4, with lots of new content expected, and one of the discoveries is the next Twitch Prime skin.


If you thought the hype surrounding Revenant was already insane, take a look at the new outfit that’s apparently coming out soon.

The merciless character completely obliterated enemies during promotional trailers for Season 4, running riot in an office, and this new skin looks to be a continuation of that same mean streak with a handprint of blood seen on its left shoulder.

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When will Revenant’s Twitch Prime skin be released?

Twitch Prime have already confirmed on their official website that a new Revenant skin is going to be released on February 7 and will be free for members to claim at that time.

This means that, at the time of writing, this new skin is just days away from being released.


Twitch teases Apex Legends free Revenant skin
Twitch have already confirmed when their next Prime drop lands in Apex Legends.

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Once the new skin style has been confirmed and released, we’ll be sure to let you know not only what it looks like, but how to get it as well.

If you still haven’t got your hands on the original character, it can be bought from the Apex Legends online store in-game. It costs 750 Apex Coins or can be unlocked by spending 12,000 Legend Tokens.