Apex Legends pro Mande hits insane highlight with 4 straight no-scopes to wipe squad

Mande Apex Legends trickshotRespawn Entertainment/Twitch Mande

Popular Apex Legends pro and streamer Mikkel ‘Mande’ Hestbek pulled off a ridiculous Sentinel play, landing four consecutive no-scopes for a clean squad wipe.

For the majority of Apex Legends players, the Sentinel is a long-range rifle used for knocking down opponents from afar.

Despite this, the charged weapon can be extremely potent at close to medium range, but it’s essential that you land every single shot.

Otherwise, a foe using a full-auto AR or SMG will beam you down before you have a chance to retaliate.

Well, on a recent stream, Mande impressed his viewers by showcasing his insane skills with the Sentinel, somehow pulling off consecutive no-scopes and taking down an entire enemy squad.

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Sentinel Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Sentinel is built for long-range skirmishes, but it’s also potent at close quarters if you’re accurate.

Mande shows off his ridiculous Sentinel skills in Apex Legends

During a recent stream, Mande was playing Horizon on the Olympus map as a solo player in Trios.

After running into an enemy squad, he immediately downed an opponent with a well-aimed Sentinel quick scope.

Realizing they may look for a rez, the pro threw Horizon’s Black Hole and went for an aggressive push, landing back-to-back no-scopes to down another foe.

With just the Wraith left, Mande took to the sky using the Gravity Lift before landing another no scope to destroy the enemy’s shields. Finally, he patiently waited for her to take the gunfight, ending the skirmish with one more no scope while sliding for a clean squad wipe.

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All of this made for a ridiculous clip that shows just how accurate Mande is with the Sentinel. At no point did he look under pressure or concerned that his no-scopes wouldn’t hit the target.

There’s no denying that the weapon deals devastating damage at every range, but without the precision to land your shots, it can feel completely useless.