Apex Legends pro HisWattson explains why hated ring changes are actually good

Carver Fisher
HisWattson Apex Legends Season 14 ring

Apex Legends players have been complaining about the Season 14 ring changes. From pros to casuals, it’s hard to find a positive opinion. But Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin is one of few in favor of the changes.

Apex Legends Season 14 came with a whole slew of gameplay changes, many of which have been positively received. But the ring changes have been a hot topic in the community.

A vast majority of players at every skill level feel like the ring changes were a mistake, but FURIA player HisWattson thinks these changes are a big step in the right direction.

Ring changes are hitting Apex Legends pro play hard

C9 Zach ‘Zach’ Mazer put out a tweet that shed light on how much the seemingly minor ring changes have affected pro play. According to him, the “edge playstyle” is disappearing from high-level play.

In the replies, HisWattson defends the changes and claims “it’s better now than it was before” and that, “You shouldn’t be able to sit in the zone for 5+ minutes”.

C9’s Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore certainly didn’t agree. He isn’t “asking for a revert”, but said the current ring is not okay. And, while Zach agreed with HisWattson’s sentiment on not having players be able to sit in ring for minutes at a time, neither of C9’s players are very happy with the changes.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a fully positive opinion of the ring changes from an Apex Legends pro, but HisWattson is one of the few to speak out in favor of the Season 14 ring.

Winning Apex Legends pro games in a different way

Out of all the Apex Legends pro teams, FURIA is the most aggressive team statistically speaking. They tend to take as many fights as they can, a playstyle that differs greatly from most other pros.

Scott ‘Pandxrz’ Maynard, HisWattson’s teammate, had the most eliminations in the event, and FURIA always topped the kill charts. Meanwhile, HisWattson earned MVP at the event for his performance despite FURIA getting second place overall.

FURIA don’t tend to win games by sitting back and playing the edge of the ring; they take every fight they can and take wins through brute force.

The Season 14 ring changes force teams to get into the circle fast, and they cause big fights to break out much earlier than before. And, considering that’s how FURIA played before the ring changes, HisWattson’s fairly unique perspective on the topic lines up with how he plays.