Apex Legends Prestige Skins: What are Mythics and how to get them

. 5 months ago
Apex Legends prestige skins
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In Season 12, Apex Legends introduced a brand new tier of rarity called ‘Mythic’, starting with Prestige skins. But what are Prestige skins in Apex, and how do you get them?

Up until Season 12, the most desirable items in Apex were the heirlooms. Heirlooms are unique items, only available for one Legend, and will cost you a significant amount of cash to get, unless you’re lucky enough to get it in Apex packs.

Now, heirlooms will be part of the new ‘Mythic’ tier of cosmetics, joined by the Prestige skins. The first of which will be the Bloodhound ‘Apex Hunter’ skin.

What are Prestige Skins in Apex Legends?

Prestige skins are unlike any other Apex skins in that they have three ‘tiers’ to work through. After unlocking tier 1, the following levels will be unlocked through gameplay.

Bloodhound Prestige boycott
Respawn Entertainment
The Prestige Bloodhound skin has special animations and finishers.

These skins also appear to be pilot-inspired, at least judging by Bloodhound’s. In addition to the skin, you will also be able to unlock a Prestige finisher that can be performed with the skin.

The first step is to unlock tier 1, which is done through completing a Collection event, just like how heirlooms were unlocked. After the event, Prestige skins will enter the ‘Mythics’ store tab, next to the heirlooms.

After tier 1 is unlocked, you will then have to complete challenges to unlock the next levels – no money involved.

How to unlock Prestige Skins

Here’s how Prestige skins and tiers are unlocked:

  1. Unlock tier 1 by completing the Collection event, or purchasing the skin from the Mythics store
  2. Unlock tier 2 by completing a gameplay challenge with the Legend
    1. e.g. 30,000 damage with Bloodhound
  3. Unlock tier 3 by completing a gameplay challenge with the Legend
    1. e.g. 70,000 damage with Bloodhound
  4. You will also unlock the Prestige finisher with tier 3

All Prestige skins in Apex Legends

Right now, there is a very short list of Prestige skins in Apex, as only Bloodhound’s has been revealed.

Bloodhound: Apex Hunter

Bloodhound prestige skin tier 3
Respawn Entertainment
Tier 3 of Bloodhound’s ‘Apex Hunter’ Prestige skin.

We can certainly expect all Legends to eventually get one, but if Respawn release only one per season, it could be a while before your favorite character gets theirs.

We’ll keep this list updated as more Prestige skins and finishers are added.

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