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Apex Legends players praise “anti-cheat” Prowlers as they are unkillable by hackers

Published: 28/Dec/2021 16:40 Updated: 28/Dec/2021 17:01

by Alex Garton


Apex Legends players have begun heralding Prowlers as the in-game “anti-cheat” after a clip showcased how difficult it is for hackers to deal with the creatures.

Since the arrival of Storm Point in Season 11, the inclusion of wildlife nests scattered around the map has been a contentious topic within the community.

While some enjoy eliminating monsters for loot instead of just picking it up, others don’t believe it should be a part of the battle royale format, particularly in Ranked matches.

Although Spiders will only attack if they’re disturbed, it’s the aggressive Prowlers that get the bulk of the criticism.


However, a recent clip of a cheater being unable to shoot the Prowlers due to the interference of their hacks may have shifted the community’s opinion on the agile creatures.

Prowler Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Prowlers can be found in nests around Storm Point.

Apex cheater can’t deal with unkillable Prowlers

A clip posted to the Apex Legends subreddit showcasing a cheater being terrorized by a Prowler has led a lot of players to re-think their opinion on the aggressive creatures.

After Reddit user Sartasz was eliminated from the match by a hacker, they decided to spectate them and quickly realized they had an aimbot. While taking on an enemy squad from a distance, the cheater began to get attacked by a Prowler.


As the third-party software is designed to directly lock onto enemy players and nothing else, the hacker was unable to kill the Prowler and had to resort to punching the creature to death.

Spectated this guy who killed me–my man is so locked on to his enemy that the bullets magically bend around the prowler! from apexlegends

Showing their appreciation for the Prowlers, players in the thread began labeling them as the “real in-game anti-cheat”.

Some even jokingly suggested that Respawn increase their power if hackers are detected in a match, making it so “every Prowler is invincible and only targets the cheater. as well as let the Prowlers go beyond their intended areas.”

While it’s unlikely the devs will ever resort to making Prowlers their main form of anti-cheat, it’s great to know that the wildlife is doing their part to combat Apex’s hacking problem.