Apex Legends players baffled by Apex Coin prices in Season 14

Joe Craven
Apex Coins and Apex Legends logo on red background

Apex Legends players have been left scratching their heads at Respawn Entertainment’s store prices, with Apex Coin values seemingly all out of whack. 

Despite the acclaim and popularity with which Apex Legends has been received, there have been minor controversies surrounding the battle royale’s store and purchasable in-game content. 

While completely understandable given Apex Legends’ status as a free-to-play title, some players believe EA and Respawn overcharge for legend skins and that some content is too hard to acquire through routes that don’t involve investing money. 

Now, based on Apex Coin values provided by the in-game store, players have been left more confused. 

Apex Legends players baffled by Apex Coin in Season 14

In an August 21 Reddit post, one player highlighted the seemingly nonsensical prices. 

While the 500 Apex Coin bundle has long been requested by players, it comes in at $4.99, meaning it is 100 Apex Coins per USD. 

Bizarrely, the 1,000 Apex Coin bundle comes in at $11.29, meaning that it’s actually cheaper to purchase two 500 Coin bundles than one 1,000 Coin bundle. 

Echoing many players’ feelings, the Redditor simply asked: “Can someone explain this?” 

Some players responded to say their bundle’s price appeared cheaper, so there is the potential for it to be a currency conversion problem on the Apex store’s behalf. 

However, others did say they had the same issue and criticized EA for the bizarre prices listed. 

One player, for example, said: “Probably because this way people will buy 2 x 500 [Coins], thinking they are cheating EA out of money, when in fact, they were the ones bamboozled.” 

Respawn or EA haven’t responded to the prices or players’ confusion but, given the dialogue that’s surrounded the store over the past three years, we expect it to rumble on into Season 15.

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