Apex Legends player makes absurd bet against NICKMERCS’ solo Ranked future

Alec Mullins
NICKMERCS on stream next to Apex Legends logo

An Apex Legends player has placed an absurd bet on NICKMERCS’ solo ‘Bronze to Master’ challenge, shading the streamer in the process.

The solo to Master challenge has become a regular sight in the Apex Legends community. Streamers head into the Ranked depths every day and attempt to make it to the game’s highest ranks without an organized team.

It’s a good way to get extra game time in, but it’s also a difficult feat, even for the best players in the game. One particular Apex player doesn’t believe that NICKMERCS can complete the challenge, and they’re ready to back up that belief with a left-field bet.

Apex Legends player shades NICKMERCS’ solo Ranked challenge

Redditor DimesG made a bet on March 25, claiming that there was no way that the streamer could follow through on his challenge.

“There is absolutely 0% chance that NICKMERCS makes it past Diamond 3 playing by himself,” they said. “If he can solo queue to Masters, I will literally take a video of myself eating a f**kng sock.”

The community reaction to the bet has only added to the entertainment around the challenge.

“Either Nick fails to hit masters and greatly entertains us, or he makes it to Master, and OP eats a sock. It’s a win for us either way,” one commenter added.

Another player suggested that if the leader of the Tripods does complete the run, DimesG should get hit with a “permanent ban from the subreddit.”

These Ranked runs can take a while, so we won’t have a definitive answer on how this saga ends, but there will be fireworks at the finish line either way.

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