Apex Legends player finds bizarre hidden loot bin on World’s Edge

Apex Legends' Pathfinder with an open loot binRespawn/EA

An Apex Legends player has discovered the most bizarre loot bin location in the game as it sits under World’s Edge – and you can actually work your way to it. 

Just like any other battle royale, Apex Legends is all about finding a solid landing spot, looting up, and then trying to be the last duo or trio standing.

While many players simply want to play the battle royale to win, many others are out to find secrets – be it with a certain legend and ability, or with a map itself.

Well, one player has managed to find a lonely loot bin hidden under the northern part of World’s Edge. 

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mining rig in worlds edge Apex Legends mapRespawn Entertainment
There appears to be a few secrets hiding under World’s Edge.

It comes via YouTuber Dirty Skirty, who showed that there is a pretty typical loot bin underneath World’s Edge but getting to it is quite the challenge. You can’t just pick any legend. 

Instead, you need somebody like Pathfinder or Loba because once you’re underneath the map, things become a bit tricky. You need to avoid hidden walls, land on tiny rocks, and these two legends have the needed abilities to make it possible. 

Once you navigate the under the map obstacle course, which sits near Overlook, you work your way to a lone loot bin. To open it, you actually have to land on top of it, but don’t expect anything special. It’s just a normal loot bin with normal loot. 

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Why its there is a good question, but Dirty Skirty suggested that it was simply put under the map during an update and forgotten about as the devs didn’t expect anyone to find it. Though, they did. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll see players going to find it for themselves. You probably aren’t going to get back to the normal map from where it is and even if you do, you’ll need incredible luck with the circle. 

At the very least, it’s a pretty interesting thing to find, but it doesn’t have much practical use.

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