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Apex Legends

Apex Legends player discovers unique way to kill cheaters under the map

Published: 29/Sep/2020 13:08

by Jacob Hale


A savvy Apex Legends player has discovered the perfect way to counter cheaters glitching under the map, and it might just make Lifeline an even more important Legend in the game.

The ability to glitch under maps has been evident in FPS games for as long as we can remember, and it’s an issue that seems like it might never go away.

Once one spot is patched, another one opens up, and Apex Legends is no exception to the rule, as players keep finding new ways to exploit the boundaries of both Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge.

Sometimes, it might happen by accident too, but either way, once an enemy is under the map, it’s extremely hard to kill them — so you have to be imaginative.


Lifeline Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
You’re going to need a Lifeline on the team for this to work.

While chasing a victory in World’s Edge, cheffymcchef and his teammates were trying desperately to take out the last remaining player, who they found stuffed between a couple of rocks, clipping in and out of the map.

It’s not clear whether the opponent had purposely glitched under World’s Edge, as they did appear to be trying to escape, but nonetheless it made for a very difficult final circle for cheffy and friends.

Finally, playing as Lifeline, they made the high IQ call to bring in a care package right on the spot the enemy was sat under: and, as you can see, it worked an absolute treat.


The car package immediately killed the last remaining enemy, who also happened to be kill leader, granting them the win.

Hopefully, the player wasn’t cheating and it was just a mishap. In September, developers Respawn started handing out week-long bans to players using exploits to get under the map, so it’s an issue they’re clearly taking seriously.

That said, at least now you know another unique way you can counter these players — and like cheffy, it might just win you a match.