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Apex Legends May 27 update nerfs Mastiff – patch notes

Published: 27/May/2020 19:28 Updated: 27/May/2020 20:11

by Theo Salaun


Respawn Entertainment has pushed out a new patch for Apex Legends that nerfs the availability of the infamous Mastiff shotgun while adding a much-needed quality-of-life improvement for Gibraltar.

Upon getting added to Apex Legends’ base floor loot, the Mastiff has felt omnipresent and inescapable in most matches. To save their community from the mental anguish of the shotgun’s fat damage, developers have now decreased spawn rates of the gun.

Conversely, the popular battle royale has also made a quick QoL fix for Gibraltar, whose ability text had continued to share the wrong information but will now describe the accurate duration of his shield, which lasts 12 seconds.


The Mastiff patch is a welcome one, as players complained of finding themselves too frequently abused by the strong gun and the QoL fix is much-needed as players may have been confused into believing their dome shield still lasted the full 18 seconds.

In the game’s Season 5 update, the Mastiff shotgun’s power was nerfed and the gun was added to base loot, instead of being one of the rare weapons only found in Care Packages. The developers may have been overeager though, as the reductions to damage per pellet (18 to 13), headshot multiplier (2.0 to 1.25), and fire rare (1.3 to 1.0) were not enough to excuse the gun’s frequency throughout the map.


While Respawn Entertainment doesn’t typically give exact numbers explaining loot frequency, fans were quick to complain that, while they enjoyed the Mastiff, it was far too common—a sentiment emphasized by the unideal moments when someone is unshielded and quickly killed with one in the early game.

This change is an interesting adjustment and caused professional player NiceWigg to wonder if the same spawn-rate nerf could have solved issues with the Peacekeeper. Unlike its counterpart, the Mastiff doesn’t need attachments to reach peak power and is, therefore, more problematic as such an easily-found weapon.

The Peacekeeper, meanwhile, needed a Precision Choke to reach the full extents of its devastation—adding to the amount of looting needed to get to that overpowered state.


Generally, the Apex Legends community has been too preoccupied with Pathfinder’s state to really focus on the Mastiff. 

But this change should at least be for the better while providing more experience with an intriguing blueprint toward nerfing gun’s spawn rates instead of their base stats in the future.

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10 tips and tricks for dominating new Winter Express LTM in Apex Legends

Published: 25/Nov/2020 9:35

by Albert Petrosyan


There is a new Limited Time Mode called Winter Express in Apex Legends’ returning Holo-Day Bash event, and we’ve got 10 tips and tricks to help you dominate matches.

Launching on December 1 and running through until January 4, the Holo-Day Bash in-game event adds a lot of holiday-themed content in Apex Legends, one of which is the Winter Express LTM.

As you can probably guess from the name, Winter Express puts all of the focus on the in-game train, which was decked out in holiday decorations for this in-game event.

How does Winter Express LTM work?

In each match, three teams of three players each face off against each other with the objective of capturing the train.

The train can be captured in one of two ways – either by filling out the capture bar without being contested by enemies or being the last team alive. The match ends when one of the teams manages to capture the train three times.

There are, however, some aspects of this mode that are different from how regular Apex matches go:

  • Players spawn in with a pre-determined loadout of weapons and items, which are different for each Legend. Loadouts change on a daily basis.
  • Respawning is enabled. Once a player is eliminated, they can join back.
  • The radius of the train’s patch is reduced so that players are never too far from the action.
Respawn EntertainmentHow the new Winter Express LTM works.

10 tips and tricks for Winter Express LTM

1. Find the best loadout available

Each Legend has its own pre-determined loadout, so make sure to check them all out to find the one with the best and most powerful combination of weapons and items.

For a mode like this, prioritize the loadout over your preferred Legend of choice, because having a better setup is more important.

2. Mix and match attachments with teammates

Attachments can be dropped in this mode, so it would be a good idea to strategize with teammates and swap attachments to maximize all of the weapons’ potentials.

For example, the EVA-8 shotgun comes with a red-dot sight that would be of better use on another gun, or moving an extended mag to a Devotion LMG to turn it into a death machine.

Respawn EntertainmentEach Legend has their own Loadout, so make sure to scout them and pick the strongest one.

3. Use the Lifeline’s Care Package to get better loot

The Lifeline’s Care Package Ultimate Ability can be activated in this LTM, which means you and your team might end up getting access to powerful items that aren’t normally available, such as purple armor or thermal scopes.

4. Don’t forget about unlimited heals

For whatever reason, whether because of a glitch or intentional design, you have unlimited heals in this mode, even though your healing inventory will indicate only one syringe and one shield cell.

Make sure to take advantage of this feature because it can really make a difference between staying alive and getting eliminated.

5. You don’t have to land on the train

Most players’ initial instinct in this mode will be to land directly on the train, which is why a good strategy would be not to. Instead, aim to land on high structures near the train and pick off enemies from there.

Remember, there are three teams all fighting against each other, so you can always third party enemy players by getting the high ground and shooting at them away from the train.

Respawn EntertainmentUse Lifeline’s Care Package to gain access to better loot, like purple armor.

6. Stay close enough to stop teams from capturing

While not landing on the train right away is a good move, it’s also important to not be too far away from the action. If one of the two other teams gains control, it’s imperative that you and your team are close enough to jump down and contest the capture, otherwise you will lose the round.

7. Ditch the train after winning a round

In line with the last tip, it’s always a good idea to get off the train as soon as you win a round because most players spawning back in will go straight for it.

Treat the start of each round like a new match – aim for the high ground so that you can pick off gung-ho players who aggressively go for the train.

8. Attack from the front

Most players who are on the train will expect to be attacked from either of the two sides or the back, but never the front. They also forget that the front side of the train is now open.

This is why it’s a good strategy to land in front of the train, albeit a good distance away, and make your way towards it, shooting at the enemies on board who will most likely be looking the wrong way.

Respawn EntertainmentYou don’t always have to land on the train when spawning into a Winter Express match.

9. Play the stalemate game if necessary

When finding yourself in a situation where winning a round is too difficult to manage, focus your efforts on making sure the two other teams don’t either

Remember, each round is timed, and when the timer hits zero and no one’s captured the train, the next round starts. Sometimes the best play is to make sure no one captures by the time that happens.

10. Multi-task with jump pads

In order to help players reach the train quickly, a bunch of jump pads were placed at various points on the tracks. You can use these not only to get to the train quickly but also to reach certain areas of the map, especially high ground, positioning yourself to take down enemies below.

Furthermore, when using these jump pads, you are actually afforded enough time to pop a shield cell, so you can definitely save time by doing so.