Apex Legends controller player humilliates PC opponents without aim assist

Matt Porter
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has switched his console for a PC, and been dominating opponents without the help of aim assist.

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For players who use a games controller to play on PC, aim assist is practically a necessity, helping those who are using thumbsticks to find their targets more easily against opponents on keyboard and mouse.

The mouse gives PC players a significant advantage over their controller counterparts, as it allows for greater movement and precision aiming, but a controller player has proved that playing, and dominating, without the use of aim assist is entirely possible.

Respawn Entertainment
Aim assist helps controller players be more precise with their aim in Apex Legends.
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In a video taken from a live stream, Apex Legends player Calamiti can be seen dropping a massive 26 kills on his PC opponents, and eventually finding the overall victory in his match.

As to why he likes to play without aim assist on, Calamiti said: “It doesn’t really help me in any situation. I just like the challenge of not having aim assist, plus keyboard players will make the excuse that controller players are only good because of aim assist. So if you have it off, and you’re still good…”

If you want to watch the player’s full 18 minute gameplay in which he destroys multiple opponents without any aim assist, you can do so below.

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Calamiti also includes a special controller icon in the bottom corner of his screen, which shows which buttons he is pressing as he does so, giving viewers an opportunity to watch his incredible technical skills and speed in real time.

Viewers of the video are clearly impressed by his incredible talent, with some labelling him as the “best PC controller player,” with another suggesting that he is the “most talented Apex Legends player” they have ever seen.