Apex Legends

Dragons teased for Apex Legends Season 2

by square1


During EA Play 2019 the curtain was dropped on Season 2 of Apex Legends and fans got their first look at what's coming. Surprisingly, dragons could be on the way.

Most fans are probably focused on the start of Season 2 and the new content coming with it such as the new Legend Wattson, the new L-Star SMG and a ranked mode that will give out different rewards depending on how far you go.

However, some fans might be interested in the dragon-like creatures we got a glimpse of during the livestream.

Season 2 news has arrived.

Are dragons really coming?

Dragons definitely sound like a silly addition to Apex Legends but they haven't exactly come out of nowhere if you've been paying attention to leaks. 

We first reported on the leaked images of dragons showing up back in March and now we have some more concrete evidence pointing to this possibility. 

There's no telling what role the dragons will play in Apex Legends but it definitely looks like they could end up playing some sort of role. 

What do the dragons mean?

Not much is known about the actual lore of Apex Legends, but with the introduction of Wattson, we do have a much better idea about it.

We have learned Wattson and her father designed the Apex Arena where all the players battle it out. However, this doesn't do a good job of explaining how dragons come into play but we'll likely figure that out if Respawn officially announces their arrival.

Apex Legends has started to try and tell an actual story with their characters and throwing dragons into the mix certainly raises a lot more questions that haven't been answered.

When Season 2 begins on July 2 there's a chance we will get all of our answers but we will have to rely on speculation in the meantime.