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Apex Legends leak suggests Revenant is getting an Heirloom next

Published: 3/May/2020 11:45

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends data miner believes they may have uncovered unreleased voice lines that suggest that Revenant will be the next character to receive an Heirloom item. 

Since Apex Legends launched, fans of the battle royale have been trying to collect incredibly rare items so that they stand out from the crowd. Aside from skins and other cosmetics, the rarest items come in the form of Heirlooms.


These Heirloom sets were previously confined to Apex Packs – and you were guaranteed to get one after you opened 500 packs, if you hadn’t got one already. But, they’re made a little easier to get with the introduction of shards. As the hype for Season 5 is growing and fans are guessing which character will be given the next heirloom set, it appears as if some have already found the answer.

Octane's Butterfly Knife Heirloom in Apex Legends.
Octane became the first non-base Apex Legends character to receive an Heirloom.

Reddit user rikbiswas742 claimed to have uncovered a long list of in-game voice lines for Revenant that all have the same ‘killed an enemy with an Heirloom’ description. 


In the quick clips that are played, the Synthetic Nightmare can be heard repeating quips like “spilled blood” and “I enjoyed every moment of that” as well as an even more sinister-sounding “I like the way they scream.”

Obviously, these sound like lines that Revenant would call out after getting a kill, but there isn’t a noise for equipping the heirloom like there is with Wraith’s Kunai or Pathfinder’s boxing gloves. 

Found this audio tracks in the game files ! Named after revenant and mentions a kill with Heirloom ! from apexlegends

Some earlier leaks had suggested that Crypto would be the character to receive an Heirloom next, though these voice lines might just mean the end of those hopes. Although, it’s likely Respawn are working on multiple heirloom ideas at the same time.


Fans have speculated that should Revenant be the one to get an Heirloom, the glass shard in his neck, or the razor that he was shaving himself with in the season four trailer, would be perfect and fit the current crop of melee weapons.

Reventant using a shaving razor
Respawn Entertainment
Could Revenant’s razor be the perfect Heirloom?

However, as with any Apex leak, it is worth taking this with a pinch of salt until season five goes live and Respawn themselves confirm the next heirloom.

Players don’t have all that long to wait until that point anyway, as the next season is set to get underway on Tuesday, May 12.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends update 1.48 fixes broken Pathfinder: Patch Notes

Published: 12/Oct/2020 22:22

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends 1.48 hotfix update has dropped and will hopefully address the troublesome Pathfinder bug that some people have encountered, while cleaning up a few more issues that Respawn noticed.

As the next phase of the battle royale takes shape in Season 6, there’s been a fair few changes to Legends across the board. However, even when the meta is going smoothly, problematic glitches tend to appear at the worst times.


Respawn dropped three bug fixes in the 1.48 patch, containing solutions for recurring issues dealing with Crypto’s EMP ultimate ability, Pathy’s Grapple, as well as the HUD elements that can sometimes get in the way of each other.

These have all been widely reported by the Apex community, who now hope it’ll be the last time they’ll have to put up with it in their matches.

Artur13fps via Twitter
The Pathfinder shoulder bug blocked a portion of the screen after using the grapple.

Pathfinder’s shoulder bug

Apex players should be able to use Pathfinder’s Grapple Hook without hesitating, now that Respawn have launched a fix to the shoulder bug that would cover the screen.

His animation for the Tactical Ability can sometimes cause the screen to get clogged up by his shoulder. This would leave players frustrated seeing as they couldn’t relieve the situation by any means.

But the devs think they resolved the issue on their end, though players were already saying the update didn’t really fix the problem.


Crypto EMP weapon bug

While the Pathfinder bug interrupted people’s line of sight, Crypto’s EMP bug indirectly disabled the Surveillance Expert’s ability to use a gun.

Respawn said they’ve fixed an issue where “Crypto was unable to use weapons when triggering EMP while not in drone mode.”

This would obvious create a ton of problems for people trying to create a play with the EMP, making it a high-priority target for the devs to resolve.


Finally, the studio changed up the HUD elements a bit, since they saw that the ‘Performance Display’ would sometimes overlap with the Kill/Assists on the screen.

The hotfix patch will hopefully give players an easier time navigating in the Arena. While it’s a relatively small patch, check out the notes below, courtesy of Respawn.


Apex Legends 1.48 patch notes

  • Pathfinder’s shoulder staying in view after using grapple
  • Crypto unable to use weapons when triggering EMP while not in drone mode
  • Moved Performance Display so it doesn’t overlap with Kill/Assists HUD element in Ranked