Apex Legends

Apex Legends leak reveals potential next heirloom set for Octane

by Calum Patterson


A handful of Apex Legends characters now have their own 'heirlooms' that can be acquired through some good luck with Apex packs, and it looks like Octane is up next, possibly in Season 4.

When Apex first released, only Wraith had an heirloom, a Kunai knife, which also came alongside a unique banner pose and voice line.

At first, it was unclear if this was the only heirloom that would be added, but soon after more legends received their own special items, such as Pathfinder's boxing gloves and Bloodhound's 'Raven's Bite' tomahawk.

Respawn Entertainment
The Pathfinder heirloom was the most recent addition.


Octane heirloom next?

Of course, not every Legend has an heirloom yet though. We assume that, in time, they will, but given how rare and prestigious they are, Respawn isn't in any hurry to add lots more.

However, a leaked game file shared by reputable data miner That1MiningGuy has revealed that Octane is most likely next up to receive his own unique item.

The leaker has no indication when the item will be added, so it could be some time. But, he does confirm that it's the only other heirloom "other than the ones we've already got, so likely next?"


As is visible from the game files, Octane's heirloom is set to be knife, but presumably one rather different from Wraith's knife.

The file names don't give us much indication of what it might be, but That1MiningGuy is holding out for a butterfly knife. Another option that could suit Octane would be a Karambit-style knife.


Pathfinder's boxing gloves heirloom was added back in Season 3, so we can expect another heirloom this season too, at some point. Octane is most likely judging by these game files, although things are still in development, so there are no guarantees.

The Pathfinder heirloom was added as part of the Holo-Day bash event, initially as an event exclusive item, so it's possible that Octane's unique item will be added with whatever the next mid-season event is.