Apex Legends finally fixes major issue ruining Solo matches

Apex Legends currently has a limited time solo mode, running until August 27, but it is being ruined by some players ‘teaming’ up, thankfully Respawn have finally given players a way to help stop the problem.

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Fans have been asking for a proper way to play Apex Legends solo since the game launched in February, and the developers delivered with the Iron Crown Collection event.

The Iron Crown event gives players a chance to play by themselves and a to obtain some exclusive skins – although there has been a lot of criticism about the way that the skins were implemented.

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Respawn EntertainmentTeaming is only good if it’s in squads.
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Adding insult to injury, players are finding out how to team together in the mode to ruin the solo experience for other players.

To do this, players simply time up their queue, so that the enter the same match on the same server, intentionally queuing together in an effort to squad up in solos.

Reddit user and Apex Legends player kavik7 uploaded a video showing an army of Pathfinders hunting him down and working together. Of course, in the regular squad modes, each team is limited to only one Legend, but this restriction is totally avoided by teaming in solos.

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It’s definitely an unsportsmanlike thing to do, but, unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon in other multiplayer games, especially battle royale titles. However, Respawn has delivered a way to report them – if you’re on PC.

You can still report others if you’re on PS4 or Xbox One, but the reports will have to go through Sony or Microsoft respectively instead of going directly to Respawn. This reporting system was spotted by Reddit user ApexVids.

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Although you might not have run into teamers yourself just yet, Respawn decided enough was enough and gave players the option to report those cooperating with the enemy.

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The Iron Crown event runs until August 27, but that doesn’t mean the solo mode will be gone forever.

Respawn encourages players to share their thoughts on the mode and that feedback will lead to whether or not solos will be here to stay.