Apex Legends fanatic hijacks airport screen to play before his flight

Andrew Amos

One Apex Legends fanatic couldn’t wait to start playing his favorite game again, taking over a screen at Portland International Airport to get in a game or two before being kicked off by security.

While some people complain about airplane legroom, or overly priced food at airports, one of the most annoying things about travelling can be the long waits for your flight.

Unless you have a Nintendo Switch or a powerful laptop on hand, gaming can seem so far away while you are waiting for the final call. However, this one traveler decided that he couldn’t wait to land and play some Apex Legends.

Apex Legends group shot
A Portland man was caught playing Apex Legends on an airport monitor at Portland International Airport.

Initially reported by KXL News, a traveler flying out of Portland International Airport in the early hours of January 16 hooked up his PS4 to one of the hundreds of airport screens to play a game or two before his flight.

The traveler sat happily in front of the departures board, transforming the terminal map into World’s Edge while waiting for his flight. He made himself comfortable in the rather quiet spot and kept to himself, until airport security came by.

They politely asked the player to unplug his console from the monitor so it could go back to showing other passengers around the terminal.

Man plays Apex Legends at airport
This Apex Legends player couldn’t wait to get to the other side to crack into a game on World’s Edge.

“[They] very kindly asked this person to unplug and cease using the monitors at the airport,” said Kana Simonds, a spokesperson for the Port of Portland.

While the man asked if he could finish his game, the staffers said no, leaving the player to abandon his game and pack up shop. “Apparently it was a very polite and cordial interaction,” she said.

However, it’s also a “good reminder of what not to do at the airport.”

Apex Legends game over screen
Sadly, the man couldn’t finish his game before airport security told him to move on.

“That’s obviously something that we don’t want to have happened because travelers need the information that we are putting on the screens for them,” she said. “Power outlets for charging your phones? Absolutely. But not any other screens or monitors.”

So while the traveler sadly couldn’t become the champion of that round, he is a hero for the gamers around the world who wish they could get a round or two in before a long haul.

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