Apex Legends extends Anniversary Collection Event: new end date

Apex Legends Collection ChallengeRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event was supposed to end on February 23, but Respawn decided to extend it after players made it clear they wanted more time to collect all the rewards.

Apex Legends Season 8 introduced many changes, including an exciting new event to celebrate the game’s second anniversary. The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event allowed players to access new legend and weapon skins, as well as “anniversary” recolors.

It also provided players with new ways to collect heirloom shards and introduced new bundles, challenges, and the Locked and Loaded LTM.

However, because there is so much to collect, players had a hard time collecting everything before the February 23 deadline. Fortunately, Respawn heard the thousands of pleas, and decided to extend the event for an additional week.

Respawn announced the news on Twitter: “We heard some of you need more time to collect all your Anniversary rewards?” they wrote. “In the spirit of celebration, we’re going to keep the party going for one additional week. The Anniversary Collection Event will now remain open until March 2 at 10 am PT.”

Apex players were thrilled with the news. They flooded in with comments and commended the devs for listening to them. It’s only an extra week, but it should be more than enough for everyone to collect the pieces they’re missing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the extra week and grab all the extra bits and pieces you need.

Respawn Entertainment has been on the ball with responding to community feedback in recent months, and it seems like they’ve impressed the masses once again with this decision.