Apex Legends dev shuts down rumors of beloved Titanfall 2 SMG being added

Julian Young
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Respawn Entertainment

While discussing Respawn’s plans for new Apex Legends content, Titanfall 2 fans’ hopes that the C.A.R. SMG would make a return have been crushed, but devs also hinted at good news about weapons coming in future seasons.

Obviously, Apex Legends has many ties to the Titanfall universe. With two previous games set in the same shared timeline, there is plenty of source material for their team to draw from.

One thing that both games share is the arsenal of weapons available to players. Many new spins on fan-favorite weapons from Titanfall 1 and 2 — like the R301 assault rifle, Mastiff shotgun, and Devotion LMG — have all made their way into Respawn’s battle royale.

In a discussion with fans on Twitter, one of the lead designers on Apex Legends broke some hearts when he confirmed the classic C.A.R. SMG from Titanfall 2 would not be coming to Apex (despite previous rumors it would see a return). But, also hinted at what their team has planned for future weapons.

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Respawn Entertainment
The C.A.R. is another Titanfall 2 weapon that might be added to Apex Legends at some point in the future.

On February 18, the dev tweeted out “You know it’s a good sign when the playtest is over and you wished it wasn’t. We’ve got some amazing stuff cooking.”

One player asked, “Any chance my beloved C.A.R. SMG makes it into the Apex games soon?” Unfortunately for that particular fan,  the team at Respawn has no plans to add the popular Titanfall 2 weapon into Apex any time soon.

“Nothing planned in the immediate future,” Klein responded, but also shared that “There sure are some C.A.R. fans here at Respawn.” Keeping it cryptic, Respawn are clearly not ruling anything out.

While the devs have squashed any hopes of the powerful Titanfall SMG making an appearance in Apex, he did tease fans with a hint of what Respawn has planned for new weapons in the future: “I think you’ll like what the weapons team is making. Some very cool stuff.”

In Season 8, Respawn introduced the 30-30 Repeater, one of several guns that isn’t a carry-over from Titanfall. With other weapons like the Sentinel and Havoc designed specifically for Apex, Respawn has shown they can create fun weapons without drawing on the legacy of Titanfall.

Obviously, Respawn has been perfecting their craft when it comes to creating unique and interesting weapons within the world of Apex, but there are still plenty of weapons from Titanfall 1 and 2 that could see a return at some point in the future — including the C.A.R. SMG.